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The game proceeds as described above with the following changes:


First, the towers of an imaginary third player, the "Zihin" (Arabic for "spirit") are placed on the game board by both players.

Taking turns, both players place any one of the Zihin towers on one of the two starting lines of the same color until 8 Zihin towers have been placed on the game board.

The ninth Zihin tower is taken out of the game! In turn, each player now places his own towers, one by one, on one of his own two starting lines, just as in the standard game.

Moving and Capturing

The player who places the last tower on the game board begins. Then you take turns. Moving and capturing is just the same as in the three-player game.

On your turn, you have the choice of moving a tower or capturing:

  • on the board between you and the Zihin, using your own tower;

  • on the board between the Zihin and your opponent, using a Zihin tower;

  • on the board between you and your opponent, using your own tower.

Note: Captured towers are placed in front of the player who has captured them, regardless if they were captured with his own tower or with a Zihin tower.

You may not capture your own towers with Zihin towers.


Scoring is the same as in the standard game. An additional three points are awarded for each Zihin tower on the opponent's starting line.

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