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  • Focus on raising your income early in the game... a in the first turn is worth anywhere from $15-$18 by the end of the game!

  • Be careful not to get too much population too fast, as you'll start to run into Red Lines faster and slow down your progress before you have a chance to build up a solid Income

    and Reputation infrastructure of tiles.

  • Keep both the public Goals and your private Goal in mind at all times; these are worth a lot at the end of the game.

  • Review the Tile List so you know what tiles might show up in each Stack.

  • When discarding a tile, look at what your opponents (particularly the player to your left) might might be worth some extra money to get rid of a tile that's perfect for him.

  • Always pay attention to where your Population Square is relative to the Red Lines. Sometimes a single extra point can be costly in the long run.

  • Income and Reputation increases (or decreases) change in value during the game. The approximate number of turns left in the game (each game has about 15-18 turns in total) is the value when the tile is placed, so early game increases are worth a lot more than late game increases.

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