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The Lone Architect

All the challenge of the multiplayer game in less than 30 minutes! Gameplay is just like the 2 player game, but you'll only need one Borough Board.


Use the 2-player tile stacks setup, but don't place or distribute any goals.

Game Play

Moving past a Red Line results in and .

After your turn is over, you must remove an additional tile, using the same rules as if you had placed an Investment Marker or a basic tile.

Dale the Bot

In this solo game, you'll be playing against Dale, the bot, who has no emotions; he'll always play with you, because he has no other friends! You go first each round (Dale doesn't mind).

Your Turn

Take a normal turn, following the normal rules. The three tiles not bought are left in the Real Estate Market (do not move them).

Dale's Turn

Dale isn't too smart, but he has some advantages. He plays by the following rules:

  • Each turn, Dale buys the most expensive tile available (based on the tile price plus Real Estate Market adjustment), but he only pays $3 for it. In the case of two or more tiles with the same costs, he buys the leftmost one.

  • Dale never buys a basic tile, and Dale never creates a lake. Furthermore, Dale never plays an Investment Marker.

  • The Purchased tile is placed in the best spot possible (after taking into account all tile interactions), using the following rule:

    • Increase the most Reputation and Income when both are added together (ties favor Reputation).
    • As long as the placement rule above is followed, the tile can be placed on any valid space.
    • After Dale buys a tile, places it, and adjusts his Income and Reputation, the two tiles remaining in the Real Estate Market are discarded from the game.

Next Round

Four new tiles are placed in the Real Estate Market on $6, $4, $2 and the (leftmost) $0 spaces.

Game End

When the 1 More Round tile appears, the game ends immediately (you do not take another turn, but instead go directly to goal scoring and Population-for-money scoring).

Scoring for Both Solo Games

<60:Junior Intern
91-105:Architectural Designer
106-120:Architectural Engineer
121-135:Principal Architect
>135:CEO of Suburbia, Inc.

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