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It is possible to play Outer Rim by yourself. To do so, you control a character as normal, and you compete against one other character controlled by AI cards. The rules for playing a single- player game are described below:


Perform the normal steps of setup with the following changes:

  • Set up all components for the AI as if they were a player.

  • After choosing your character, choose a character to play against. It must be a character that starts the game with databank card #91 or #92.

  • The AI player chooses the G9 Rigger as its starting ship.

  • You are the first player. You gain 4,000 credits and the AI gains 6,000 credits as normal during step 5.

  • Follow the setup instructions on the AI player's character card. Then place a goal token on the destination listed on their cargo or job (see "AI Goals" below).

  • Shuffle the AI cards into a facedown deck, and place it near the AI player's character card.

Game Play

During the game, resolve your turn as normal. At the end of each of your turns, the AI player will take a turn. To resolve the AI player's turn, simply draw the top card of the AI deck and resolve it, starting at the top and proceeding downward.

If instructed to "do the first that applies", resolve the top bullet in that section, if possible. If this bullet would have no effect or cannot be resolved (for example, the AI player has no damage to recover), resolve the next bullet instead and so forth.

If instructed to "do all that apply", resolve each bullet in that section from top to bottom. Skip any bullets that would have no effect or cannot be resolved.

After resolving the card, discard it facedown to the bottom of the AI deck. You then resolve your turn as normal.

The first player to acquire 10 fame wins the game.

AI Player's Cards and Credits

Keep track of the AI player's fame, credits, and cards as if it were a real player (for example, place its cargo cards in a cargo slot on its ship).

The AI player does not use abilities on cards, except for abilities that increase the values of their ship or character (for example: Gain +1 ). They do not complete personal goals or ship goals.

AI Goals

The AI player uses goal tokens to mark which planets it can deliver cargo to or complete jobs on. These tokens are used to determine where the AI will move on its turn.

The AI player's first goal token is placed during setup on the destination planet of the starting cargo or job. Additional goal tokens are placed on the map by AI cards.


When the AI player is instructed to move, move their standee a number of spaces equal to their ship's hyperdrive value (). They will always move toward the nearest goal token on the map.

If their space contains a goal token, they will not move.

If there are multiple paths by which the AI player could move toward a goal, they will move in the direction that brings it closest to its goal. Like a normal player, they must stop moving if they move into a patrol's space and do not have positive reputation with that patrol.

Unlike a normal player, the AI player can move through the Maelstrom as if it were a navpoint space.

Important: If the AI would end their movement at a navpoint but either of the two spaces they moved through before that navpoint is a planet, they stop on the planet instead.


Most AI cards allow the AI player to buy a card. The market deck that the AI buys from is always specified (for example: Buy ). The AI player can only buy when it is on a planet.

Before buying, the AI player will discard the top (faceup) card of the specified deck if any of the following apply:

  • The card cannot be bought on the AI player's current planet.
  • They do not have enough credits to buy the top card.
  • They do not have any empty slots matching the top card.
  • They are buying from the market deck and the top card does not cost more than the AI player's current ship.

The AI player will spend the required credits to buy the top card of that market deck, and then place the card in an open slot.

  • They will not buy a card if they do not have a empty slot matching the top card of the deck.
  • They must obey buying restrictions on cards, such as "Cannot buy on Kessel".
  • They will only buy a ship that costs more than their current ship.

After buying a card, reveal the top card of that market deck and resolve patrol movement icons on the revealed card, moving the patrol toward the AI player.

Jobs and Illegal Cargo

Some AI cards allow the AI player to complete a job that it has.

To do so, the AI player simply resolves the reward section of the job card. The AI player does not draw a databank card and does not perform any tests.

After the AI player delivers cargo or completes a job on a planet, remove 1 goal token from that planet.

When the AI player delivers illegal cargo, it ignores any instruction to roll a die on the cargo card. However, some AI cards instruct the AI player to suffer damage when it delivers illegal cargo.

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