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Once players are comfortable with the rules of the game, they should use the complete setup rules. To do so, proceed through the following steps in order:

  1. Define Play Area & Setup Area: Clear a 3' x 6' play area. Then, establish a 3' x 4' setup area by using the length of the range ruler to place the setup area markers 1' from the short edges of the play area. The players sit across from each other on the 6' edges of the play area.

    If playing with only the ships and squadrons in the core set, players should instead use a 3' x 3' play area that also functions as the setup area.

  2. Gather Components: Each player places his ships, squadrons, and cards next to the play area and near his edge. Set each shield dial and squadron disk to its maximum shield and hull values.

    Then set the activation slider of each squadron to display the blue end of the slider with the a icon. Assign the appropriate defense tokens to each ship and unique squadron. Gather enough command dials and speed dials for the fleet. Assign ID tokens to ships and squadrons as necessary.

  3. Determine Initiative: The player whose fleet has the lowest total fleet point cost chooses which player is the first player. The first player places the initiative token next to his edge with the a side faceup. If the players are tied in fleet points, flip a coin to decide which player makes the choice.

  4. Choose Objective: The first player looks at all three of his opponent's objectives cards and chooses one to be the objective for the game.

  5. Place Obstacles: Starting with the second player, the players take turns choosing and placing six obstacles into the play area. Obstacles must be placed within the setup area, beyond distance 3 of the edges of the play area, and beyond distance 1 of each other.

    If playing with only the ships and squadrons included in this box, players place only four obstacles.

  6. Deploy Ships: Starting with the first player, the players take turns deploying their forces into the setup area. A single deployment turn consists of placing one ship or two squadrons.

    • Ships must be placed within their player's deployment zone. A player's deployment zone is the portion of the setup area that is at distance 1-3 of his edge of the play area.
    • When a player places a ship, he must set its speed dial to a speed available on its speed chart.
    • Squadrons must be placed within distance 1-2 of a friendly ship.
    • If a player only has one squadron remaining when he must place two, he cannot place it until he has placed all of his ships.
  7. Prepare Other Components: Shuffle the damage deck and place it next to the play area along with the command tokens, maneuver tool, range ruler, and the round token marked "1".

  8. Clean Up: Remove the setup area markers from the play area.

After players finish setup, they begin the first round of the game.

You now know the general rules needed to play a complete game of Star Wars: Armada. If any questions arise during gameplay, refer to the Rules Reference booklet. The Rules Reference booklet has complete rules for every topic and includes many rules exceptions not explained in this Learn to Play booklet.

To build standard 300 point fleets, you will need additional ships, squadrons, and upgrades to expand your customization options. These additional components are sold separately in expansion packs.

This setup diagram assumes that each player has a core set and they have split the ships by faction.

  1. Round Token.
  2. Objective Card.
  3. Initiative Token.
  4. Victory II-class Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dials, Defense Tokens, and Upgrade Cards.
  5. Victory I-class Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dials, Defense Tokens, and Upgrade Cards.
  6. TIE Fighter Squadron Cards.
  7. Maneuver Tool.
  8. Command Tokens.
  9. Imperial Player's Edge.
  10. Setup Area Markers.
  11. Imperial Deployment Zone.
  12. Setup Area.
  13. Obstacle Tokens.
  14. Range Ruler.
  15. Rebel Deployment Zone.
  16. Rebel Player's Edge.
  17. Dice.
  18. Damage Deck.
  19. X-wing Squadron Cards.
  20. CR90 Corvette B Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dial, Defense Tokens, and Upgrade Cards.
  21. CR90 Corvette A Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dial, and Defense Tokens.
  22. Nebulon-B Support Refit Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dials, Defense Tokens, and Upgrade Cards.
  23. Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Ship Card with Speed Dial, Command Dials, and Defense Tokens.

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