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Action: See Invader Action.

Add: To put onto the board from the supply.

Adjacent Land: Sharing a border or corner

Adversary: A specific colonizer to fight against. Boosts difficulty and changes how the game plays

+Any: Any one element, chosen anew each turn. Once set for a turn, cannot be changed until the next turn.

Blight (A): A piece showing environmental/spiritual harm to the Island,

Blight Card: A card that holds the Blight pieces that are not on the Island. Starts off on the Healthy side, and may flip to the Blighted side during the course of the game.

Blighted Island: The Island becomes Blighted when all the Blight on the front of the Blight Card goes onto the board. If all Blight on the Blighted side runs out, the players lose.

Board: See Island Board or Invader Board.

Build: An Invader Action. Adds a Town or City.

Card Plays: The number of Power Cards a Spirit may play each turn, determined by the highest revealed number on a Spirit's lower Presence Track.

Cascade: Upon adding Blight to an already-Blighted land, you must also add one Blight to one adjacent land.

City: A type of Invader piece. Does 3 Damage, has 3 Health. Destroying a City causes 2 Fear.

Coastal Land: A land readily accessible to ships, adjacent to the printed Ocean area.

Dahan: A piece representing a clan/village of local islanders. Does 2 Damage, has 2 Health.

Damage: Harm done to Invaders, the land, or Dahan. Whenever a card doesn't specify, it always means to Invaders . Damage equal to an Invader or Dahan s Health destroys it. Dealing 2 or more Damage to a land adds one Blight to the land.

Destroy: Take off of the board and return to the supply. Destroying a Town causes 1 Fear. Destroying a City causes 2 Fear.

Defend: Guard a land against the Invaders. Reduces the Damage done by the Invaders to the land/Dahan by the specified amount.

Effect: The text instructions of a card or other game element.

Element: Affinity with an aspect of nature, usually granted by a Power Card. Lets you use threshold effects.

Elemental Thresholds: See Threshold Effects.

Energy: Pays for Power Cards. Carries over from turn to turn.

Escalation Effect: Something an Adversary does each time Exploring reveals an Invader Card with an Adversary icon on it. This icon appears only on Stage II cards.

Explore: An Invader Action. Adds Explorers to accessible lands.

Explorer: A type of Invader piece. Does 1 Damage, has 1 Health.

Fear: Fright done to Invaders. Advances Fear Markers, earning Fear Cards.

Invaders. The Terror Level dividers are not Fear Cards.

Fear Effect: Anything done by an earned Fear Card.

Forget a Power Card: Permanently lose a Power Card from your hand, discard pile, or in play. Put it in the discard for its deck, or out of the game if it's Unique to your Spirit.

Gain a Power Card: In a Teaching Game, take your next Power Card. In a normal game, draw four Minor Powers or four Major Powers and keep one. When you gain a Major Power by any means, you must Forget (lose) a Power Card.

Gather: Move into a land from adjacent land(s).

Growth: The first part of the Spirit Phase. Lets you place Presence, gain new Powers, and reclaim played Power Cards.

Health: How much Damage an Invader or Dahan can take before it is destroyed.

Healthy Island: The Island starts the game Healthy. It becomes Blighted when the first pool of Blight on the Blight Card is emptied and the card flips to the Blighted side.

Inland Land: A land not adjacent to the printed Ocean area. [p. 13] Innate Power: A Power printed on your Spirit Panel, [p. 14, 16] Invader: A City, Town, or Explorer.

Invader Action: One of three bad things the Invaders do during the Invader Phase - Ravage, Build, or Explore.

Invader Board: The board which governs the Actions of the Invaders, including places for the Invader Deck and each of their three Actions. Additionally, the Invader board features the Fear Pool, the Fear Deck, and the Blight Space where a Blight Card is placed during Setup.

Invader Card: Cards in the Invader Deck, indicating in which lands the Invaders will act. Divided into Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III.

Island: The entire playing area of the game comprised of one or more island boards.

Island Board: An individual punchboard piece that comprises the Island. The reverse has a thematic map for more experienced players.

Land: A bordered area on the island map (other than Ocean). Whenever a land takes 2 Damage, you add a Blight to it.

Land Type: A description of what sort of land to act upon. This may be a terrain, Coastal/lnland, or a requirement for what's in/not in the land (e.g. A land with Invaders").

Land with (Blight, Dahan, Invaders): A land having at least one (Blight, Dahan, Invader).

Move: To put into a land from somewhere else on the island, via Pushing, Gathering, or other means.

Ocean: Where the Invaders sail in. The stretch of Ocean on each island board determines which lands are Coastal. Oceans are not lands.

Outnumber: 'where A outnumbers B can be true in lands where there is no B. (For instance, where Dahan outnumber Cities is true in lands with no Cities, so long as there's 1 or more Dahan).

Permanent Element: An element shown on a Presence Track. While uncovered, it gives an Element of that type.

Power: A Power Card or Innate Power.

Power Card: A Power on a card. May be a Minor Power, a Major Power, or a Unique Power.

Power Progression: A fixed sequence of Power Cards a Spirit gains instead of the usual Draw 4, keep I from a Power Card Deck. Used in introductory games only.

Presence: A piece showing where your Spirit lives in the land.

Push: Move to adjacent land(s).

Range: The maximum number of lands away you can use a Power or effect. You may always act closer! Measured from your Presence unless otherwise specified.

Ravage: An Invader Action. Invaders deal Damage to the land and +Dahan; surviving Dahan then fight back.

Reclaim: Take all played Power Cards from your personal discard pile into your hand of available Power Cards.

Reclaim One: Take a single Power Card from your personal discard pile into your hand of available Power Cards. When revealed on a Presence Track, may be done once every Spirit Phase, starting immediately.

Remove: Take off the board and return to the supply. Distinct from Destroy; Removing Invaders does not cause Fear.

Repeat: Use the text effects of a Power again. Doesn't grant additional Elements. Repeats never chain.

Replace: Remove one piece and put another piece in its place.

Sacred Site: A land where a Spirit has 2 or more Presence.

Scenario: A situation providing alternate rules/victory conditions. Boosts difficulty and changes how the game plays.

Target: The land or Spirit a Power affects.

Terrain: Jungle, Mountain, Sands, or Wetland. Each land has one terrain.

Terror Level: A number from 1 - 3, representing how frightened the Invaders are. Sets the current Victory Condition.

Threshold Effects: Part of a Power's effects which depend on having certain Elements that turn.

Town: A type of Invader piece. Does 2 Damage, has 2 Health.

Destroying a Town causes 1 Fear.

Up To: May be zero. Up to 3" means 0,1,2, or 3.

Your Land: A land with your Presence in it.

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