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Rating: 4.8 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-10 players
Playing time: 20 minutes

Created by: (Uncredited), (Uncredited), Design Edge

Published by: Grow Jogos e Brinquedos, Jumbo, Parker Brothers

Alternate Names: Risk, Script-o-Gram, Scriptogram, Vite & Bien, Zie & Zeg


Spill and Spell was originally published by Phillips. Parker Bros. also published this game.

It is a word dice game where players make words to score points. Scoring is determined by squaring the number of letters in the words spelled (e.g. making a 3 letter word and a 4 letter word would net 25 (9+16)) and subtracting the square of unused letters.

The 2003 Endless Games edition includes 22 letter cubes and is scored differently, assigning a point value to each letter based upon the length of the word it is part of, with crossed words scoring the shared letter twice, possibly with two different values.

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