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Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45-57 minutes

Created by: Aya, Shun, Patricia Limberger

Published by: Queen Games


The people of the Skylands live high above the earth in mystical floating islands. The grandiose cities on these islands are powered by magical energy from a rare crystal.

In the tile-laying game Skylands, you are tasked with building part of the Skylands kingdom. Go exploring for new areas of wood, stone, and most importantly, crystalline, as you seek to build the grandest part of the Kingdom.

On their turn, a player selects one of four actions: Explore, Harvest, Build, or Collect Energy. All players get to take the action, but the player who selected it gets an extra bonus. A player cannot select the same action two turns in a row.

The actions allow players to select tiles and place them in their tableau, building out their landscape of Skylands, forest, and quarries. Completing these geographic features allows them to harvest resources, collect crystals, and build special buildings.

The game continues until one player fills their tableau or all the tiles have been placed. Players receive points for their special buildings, materials, and points earned during the game, and the player with the most points wins.

Skylands includes special buildings for beginner, intermediate, and advanced play, as well as a campaign mode, and three small expansions ("Queenies") for more complexity.

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Skylands: Queenie 1
Skylands: Queenie 2
Skylands: Queenie 3
Skylands: Queenie 4
Skylands: Queenie 5

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