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Banned Matchups

Banned VS. Gods featuring a on them indicate banned matchups. We strongly suggest that you do not play a God Power against any of the banned gods listed because the matchup is either not compatible, not interesting, or highly imbalanced.


God of the Winds

Setup: Place the Wind Token beside the board and orient it in any of the 8 directions to indicate which direction the Wind is blowing.

End of Your Turn: Orient the Wind Token to any of the the eight directions.

Any Move: Workers cannot move directly into the Wind.


Whirlpool Monster

Setup: Place 2 Whirlpool Tokens on your God Power card.

End of Your Turn: You may place a Whirlpool Token from your God Power card on any unoccupied space on the board.

Any Time: When both Whirlpool Tokens are in unoccupied spaces, a Worker that moves onto a space containing a Whirlpool Token must immediately move to the other Whirlpool Token's space. This move is considered to be in the same direction as the previous move. When a Whirlpool Token is built on or removed from the board, it is returned to your God Power card.


Muse of History

Your Build: Place a Coin Token on each of the first 3 blocks your Workers build.

Opponent's Turn: Opponents treat spaces containing your Coin Tokens as if they contain only a dome.

Banned VS: Circe, Nemesis

Europa & Talus

Queen & Guardian Automaton

Setup: Place the Talus Token on your God Power card.

End of Your Turn: You may relocate your Talus Token to an unoccupied space neighboring the Worker that moved.

Any Time: All players treat the space containing the Talus Token as if it contains only a dome.


Goddess of the Earth

Setup: Take 2 extra Workers of your color.

These are kept on your God Power card until needed.

Any Build: When a Worker builds a dome, Gaea may immediately place a Worker from her God Power card onto a ground-level space neighboring the dome.

Banned VS: Atlas, Nemesis, Selene


The Gray Hags

Setup: When placing your Workers, place 3 of your color.

Your Build: You choose which Worker of yours builds.

Banned VS: Nemesis


God of the Underworld

Opponent's Turn: Opponent Workers cannot move down.

Banned VS: Pan


Winged Menaces

Opponent's Turn: Each time an opponent's Worker moves, it is forced space by space in the same direction until the next space is at a higher level or it is obstructed.

Banned VS: Hermes, Triton


Goddess of Magic

Setup: Take the Map A , Shield B , and 2 Worker Tokens. Hide the Map behind the Shield and secretly place your Worker Tokens on the Map to represent the location of your Workers on the game board. Place your Workers last.

Your Turn: Move a Worker Token on the Map as if it were on the game board. Build on the game board, as normal.

Any Time: If an opponent attempts an action that would not be legal due to the presence of your secret Workers, their action is cancelled and they lose the rest of their turn. When possible, use their power on their behalf to make their turns legal without informing them.

Banned VS: Charon, Circe


Goddesses of Fate

Setup: Take the Map A , Shield B , and Fate Token.

Behind your Shield, secretly select a 2 X 2 square of Fate spaces by placing your Fate Token on the Map. When placing your Workers, place 3 of your color.

Win Condition: If an opponent Worker attempts to win by moving into one of your Fate spaces, you win instead.

Banned VS: Hecate, Nemesis


Goddess of Retribution

End of Your Turn: If none of an opponent's Workers neighbor yours, you may force as many of your opponent's Workers as possible to take the spaces you occupy, and vice versa.

Banned VS: Aphrodite, Bia, Medusa, Terpsichore, Theseus


Alluring Sea Nymph

Setup: Place the Arrow Token beside the board and orient it in any of the 8 directions to indicate the direction of the Siren's Song.

Your Turn: You may choose not to take your normal turn. Instead, force one or more opponent Workers one space in the direction of the Siren's Song to unoccupied spaces at any level.


God of the Abyss

Setup: Take the Map A , Shield B , and one Abyss Token.

Place your Workers first. After all players' Workers are placed, hide the Map behind the Shield and secretly place your Abyss Token on an unoccupied space. This space is the Abyss.

Lose Condition: If any player's Worker enters the Abyss, they immediately lose. Workers cannot win by entering the Abyss.

Banned VS: Bia, Hecate, Moerae.


Muse of Dancing

Your Turn: All of your Workers must move, and then all must build.

Banned VS: Hypnus, Limus, Tartarus.


Muse of Astronomy

Your Turn: When your Worker moves or builds, treat opposite edges and corners as if they are adjacent so that every space has 8 neighbors.

Banned VS: Aphrodite

Golden Fleece Variant

Golden Fleece variant provides a different 2-player experience where the Ram figure grants the blessing of a single God Power to whomever is touching it.


After setting up the Island using only step 1 and 2 from "Setup" section on the game rules, perform the following:

Select a God Power showing the Golden Fleece icon in the top right, and place it beside the board (Players do not have individual God Powers).

he oldest player starts by placing two Workers of their chosen color into any unoccupied spaces on the board. The other player then places their Workers.

The player who placed Workers first, places the Ram figure on any unoccupied space. The other player takes the first turn.

Start Of Any Turn

Any player with a Worker neighboring the Ram figure has the God Power for the rest of the turn (including End of Turn powers)

Using Hero Powers

A Hero Power is an ability that you may perform only once per game. Only you may use this power, and no opponent's power can make you use it.

A Hero Power cannot be used in the Golden Fleece variant. Hero Powers are only supported in a 2-player game. Hero Powers are easily identified by the purple back A and Helmet icon B on in the border.


Use the "God Power Setup" instructions.

Hero Powers are often weaker than God Powers.

For a balanced game, we recommend only playing Hero Powers against other Hero Powers.

Hero Powers can also be used to balance games between players of unequal skill, whereby more experienced players are encouraged to select a Hero Power for themselves and a God Power for their opponent.


Volatile Warrior

Your Turn: Once, your Worker builds both before and after moving.


Devastatingly Handsome

End of Your Turn: Once, choose an opponent Worker. If possible, that Worker must be neighboring one of your Workers at the end of their next turn.


Swift Huntress

Your Move: Once, your Worker moves any number of additional times.


Tamer of Pegasus

Your Move: Once, your Worker moves up two levels.


Doer of Great Deeds

End of Your Turn: Once, both your Workers build any number of domes (even zero) at any level.


Leader of the Argonauts
Setup: Take one extra Worker of your color. This is kept on your God Power card until needed.

Your Turn: Once, instead of your normal turn, place your extra Worker on an unoccupied ground-level perimeter space. This Worker then builds.


Powerful Sorceress

End of Your Turn: Once, remove one block from under any number of Workers neighboring your unmoved Worker. You also remove any Tokens on the blocks.


Cunning Leader

Start of Your Turn: Once, force to unoccupied corner spaces any number of opponent Workers that neighbor your Workers.


Gigantic Cyclops

End of Your Turn: Once, your Worker builds up to 2 domes at any level on any unoccupied spaces on the board.


Slayer of the Minotaur

End of Your Turn: Once, if any of your Workers is exactly 2 levels below any neighboring opponent Workers, remove one of those opponent Workers from play.

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