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Goddess of Love

Any Move: If an opponent Worker starts its turn neighboring one of your Workers, its last move must be to a space neighboring one of your Workers.


God of War

End of Your Turn: You may remove an unoccupied block (not dome) neighboring your unmoved Worker. You also remove any Tokens on the block.


Goddess of Violence

Setup: Place your Workers first.
Your Move: If your Worker moves into a space and the next space in the same direction is occupied by an opponent Worker, the opponent's Worker is removed from the game.


Ferryman to the Underworld

Your Move: Before your Worker moves, you may force a neighboring opponent Worker to the space directly on the other side of your Worker, if that space is unoccupied.


Primordial Nothingness

Setup: Shuffle all unused Simple God Powers (featuring a symbol) into a face-down deck in your play area. Draw the top God Power, and place it face-up beside the deck.
Any Time: You have the Power of the face-up God Power. You must discard your current God Power and draw a new one after any turn in which at least one dome is built. If you run out of God Powers, shuffle them to create a new deck and draw the top one.


God of Time

Win Condition: You also win when there are at least five Complete Towers on the board.


Divine Enchantress

Start of Your Turn: If an opponent's Workers do not neighbor each other, you alone have use of their power until your next turn.


God of Wine

Your Build: Each time a Worker you control creates a Complete Tower, you may take an additional turn using an opponent Worker instead of your own. No player can win during these additional turns.


God of Desire

Setup: Place your Workers anywhere along opposite edges of the board.
Win Condition: You also win if one of your Workers moves to a space neighboring your other Worker and both are on the first level (or the same level in a 3-player game).


Goddess of Marriage

Opponent's Turn: An opponent cannot win by moving into a perimeter space.


Goddess of Hearth and Home

Your Build: Your Worker may build one additional time, but this cannot be on a perimeter space.


God of Sleep

Start of Opponent's Turn: If one of your opponent's Workers is higher than all of their others, it cannot move.


Goddess of Famine

Opponent's Turn: Opponent Workers cannot build on spaces neighboring your Workers, unless building a dome to create a Complete Tower.


Petrifying Gorgon

End of Your Turn: If possible, your Workers build in lower neighboring spaces that are occupied by opponent Workers, removing the opponent Workers from the game.


God of dreams

Start of Your Turn: Place a block or dome on your God Power card.
Your Build: Your Worker cannot build as normal. Instead, your Worker may build any number of times (even zero) using blocks / domes collected on your God Power card. At any time, any player may exchange a block / dome on the God Power card for dome or a block of a different shape.


Goddess of Spring Growth

Opponent's Turn: If possible, at least one Worker must move up this turn.


God of the Sea

End of Your Turn: If your unmoved Worker is on the ground level, it may build up to three times.


Goddess of the Moon

Setup: Place a male and a female Worker of your color.
our Build:


God of the Waves

Your Move: Each time your Worker moves into a perimeter space, it may immediately move again.


God of the Sky

Your Build: Your Worker may build a block under itself.

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