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  • 4 Game Rules cards
  • 40 Sign cards
  • 10 Ball cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

String signs together (made with your hands) to a rhythm made by all the players without making a mistake. Any mistakes are punished with a « Ball » card. At the end of the game, the player with the most is the loser.


Take the « Sign» cards (with the title of the game on the back) and the « Ball » cards and shuffle them separately and then place each pile on the table.

Deal a « Sign » card to each player which he puts face up in front of himself.

Put the « Rhythm and ball in 8 examples» card in the center of the table. This is an example of the start of a game.

Game Play

Step 1

All the players chant the same rhythm: tap their knees twice and clap their hands once, exactly as in the Queen song We Will Rock You.

It is recommended repeating step 1 several times before launching into a series, so that everyone is in sync.

Step 2

The player with the best sense of rhythm begins a series:

  • He makes his sign instead of clapping his hands.

  • He taps his knees twice again.

  • He calls a player of his choice by doing one or more of the concerned player's signs.

Step 3

The chosen player:

  • Taps his knees twice like the other players.

  • Replies by making the same sign.

  • Taps his knees twice again like the other players.

  • Then calls another player in the same way.


  1. When a player is making signs, all the other players continue to beat the same rhythm tapping their knees twice and clapping their hands once.

  2. A player is allowed to re-make the sign of the player who has just called him but can not call himself.

  3. When a player having several signs is called, he must use the sign he was called with to continue the chain.

When a player gets it wrong (wrong rhythm, forgot his sign, etc). he:

  • Gives one or more of his « Sign » cards to a player of his choice.

  • Takes a new « Sign » card which he places face up in front of him.

  • Turns over the first « Ball » card from the appropriate pile and reads it aloud.

  • Carries out its effect before keeping it in front of him ("Ball" side). If he has to use it later (Ouf or Bye Bye cards), he keeps it visible in front of him (text side). This will be counted as a « Ball » card at the end of the game.

A new turn can begin: all the players begin the rhythm again and the player who just lost begins a new series with his new sign.

End of the Game

As soon as the 10th and last « Ball » card has been given out, the game stops. The "Ball" cards are counted taking all the « Ball » cards into account, including the ones text side whose effect has not yet been used.

The loser(s) are the players who have the greatest number of « Ball » cards and the winner(s) are the ones with the least.


For a first game or a game with lots of players, show the 40 «Sign » cards to the players and make their sign the corresponding sign.

Don't hesitate to slow the rhythm down for a game with lots of beginners or speed it up if the mistake is taking too long to come.

Ball Master Variant

(exclusively for expert players) :

A chain of the players' first names circulates at the same time.

The player who starts the sign chain must:

  1. Say his first name when he makes his sign.
  2. Say the first name of another player when he makes another player's sign.

Be careful, the player who is called by his first name can be :

  • Either the same as the one who was called by a sign;
  • Or another player. In this case the two chains (signs and first names) are temporarily independent.

In this way the 2 chains develop, cross over, join up, separate.until one of the players breaks one of them. So that you don't lose, follow the sign chain with your eyes and listen to the first name one. It's as simple as that, no?

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