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  • 6 Movers
  • 1 Game Board
  • 250 Cards
  • 6 Pencils
  • 1 Electronic Timer
  • 42 Guessing Tokens
  • 1 Drawing Pad
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach the Finish space by earning the most points.


Each player chooses a mover and takes the seven guessing tokens that match their mover color. Each player takes a pencil and a few sheets of paper from the drawing pad.

Place the movers on the Start space on the game board. Turn on the timer and put the card box near it.

Get Ready

Each player draws one card and puts it face-down in front of them. IMPORTANT: Do not look at your card yet!

Before the round starts, one player selects which color will be used for that round, purple or orange. All players must use that color. Players take turns choosing the color for each round.

Turn your card so that the chosen color faces you.

Game Play

  1. When everyone is ready, press the button on the timer. You will hear three BEEPS, then a DING.

  2. When you hear the DING, look at the other side of your card, then place it back face-down on the table without any other players seeing it. Make a drawing representing the phrase. Be quick, you only have six seconds! When the timer BUZZES, players must immediately stop drawing and put their pencils down.

  3. The player who picked the card color then does the following steps:

    • Collect all of the cards, keeping them face-down.

    • Draw a card from the card box (a "decoy" card), add it to the cards collected from the players, and mix them all together.

    • Turn the cards face-up. Assign a letter to each card by tucking it under the edge of the game board, as shown. You should only see the color selected for this round.

    • Arrange all of the players' drawings in the center of the table. It does NOT matter if you see which players drew which drawings. Because of the decoy card, there should be one fewer drawing than there are cards.

  4. Every player places their guessing tokens face-down on the drawings (including their own) to guess which phrases they match. Place only one guessing token per drawing. Do NOT reveal or discuss your guesses.

  5. One by one, each player turns over their token on their drawing to show the correct letter. Then all of the tokens on that drawing are turned over and points are scored. (See the 5E0RING section on the back page).

  6. Discard the cards to the back of the card box. Each player draws a new card, face-down, and a new round starts. (See the GET READY section). Keep playing until a player reaches the Finish space.


Players get 2 points for putting the correct token on a drawing, each drawing also receives 1 point for every other player who correctly identified the drawing. Move one space on the game board for each point scored.

End of the Game

If a player reaches the Finish space at the end of a round, the game is over and that player is the winner.

If more than one player reaches the Finish space, then the player who went the furthest past the Finish space is the winner (go back to the beginning of the path and move that number of additional spaces).

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