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  • 168 double-sided word tiles
  • A 20-second timer
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Get rid of your Randomonium tiles before any other player by making connections between the words on game tiles.


  1. Before play starts, all players should decide how strict or loose they would like the links between words to be. We suggest playing with loose rules. However, groups are encouraged to follow their own preference.

    Loose Rules: To count, a word association cannot be an opposite ("FERRETS are not SPIDERS" would not count). Otherwise, almost anything goes, and the sillier the better. "FERRETS and SPIDERS are both kept as pets" would count.

    Tight Rules: Associations must be concrete. "BABIES are CRANKY" would count.

  2. The group decides which player goes first. If you are playing more than one round, the player to the left of the winner of the last round starts the next round.

  3. Put all the tiles in a pile in the center of the playing area.

  4. Flip the 20-second timer over and let players scramble for tiles. Each player has until the time runs out to choose any 10 tiles they want.

    Any player who has not selected all 10 tiles before the time runs out must pick the rest of their 10 tiles without looking at them.

  5. Each player places their 10 tiles in a stack in front of them.

  6. Select one tile from the remaining tiles and move the rest of the tiles aside. Place the selected tile in the middle of the playing area. This is the starter tile. It becomes the starting point for the grid that all players will add their tiles to.

Tip: For a longer game, have each player start with 15 word tiles.

Game Play

  1. The first player starts the 20-second timer and picks up the tile on the top of the stack in front of them. The player then tries to make a word association (using any one of the four words or phrases on either side of

    their tile) with one of the words on a tile already in the playing area. The player must state out loud what connection they are making while placing their tile.

  2. If a player makes an association inside the time limit, they can try for additional associations in the 20 seconds. Make as many associations as time allows!

  3. A tile cannot touch more than one other tile.

  4. Tiles must be placed end to end or end to side. Tiles cannot be placed side to side.

  5. If there are any disputes about whether an association is valid, players discuss them after time has expired. See Resolving disputes.

  6. Play then continues clockwise with the next player.

Ways to use the tiles

  • You can make any word that is a noun (a person, place or thing) into a plural to make your link.Add an "s" to TURTLE to say "TURTLES are SLOW".

  • Some of the words can be used as nouns or verbs (action words). Link DOG with LAP by saying "My DOG LAPS up water".

  • You can add suffixes such as -ing or-ly to words on the tiles to make a link.Change DANCE to DANCING to say "ELVIS loves DANCING". Change QUICK to QUICKLY to say "I eat GARLIC QUICKLY".

Placing your Tiles

  • Tiles can be placed end to end.

  • Tiles can be placed end to side.

  • Tiles cannot be placed side to side.

Resolving Disputes

  1. If any player disagrees with one or more of the word associations of another player (too loose, too much nonsense), they declare their dispute after the timer runs out, not during the turn.

  2. If even one other player agrees with the association, the tile counts.

  3. If the association counts, play continues with the next player's turn.

  4. If the association doesn't count, the player who made that association must add a new tile to their stack of tiles by drawing a tile from the pile of remaining tiles.

    A player must pick up one new tile (without looking at it) for each invalid association. Any tile that was played stays on the table. Play then continues with the next player's turn.

End of the Game

The first player to get rid of all of their Randomonium tiles wins the game.

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