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Rating: 7.7 Very Good
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 80-45 minutes

Official Site: Ragusa Official Page on Braincrack website

Created by: Fabio Lopiano, Bartlomiej Roczniak

Published by: Braincrack Games, Capstone Games


Set in the legendary city of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik), Ragusa charges players with the task of building the city in the 15th century, constructing its great towers, boosting trade with the East, and finding their fortunes.

Players build houses on the spaces between three hexes, gaining access to resources (on rural spaces) and actions (in the city), which means that a house effectively functions as a worker being placed, but triggering three spots at a time.

Players use resources gained in the countryside to build buildings, trade, and craft valuable commodities - the value of which varies as ships come and go from the harbor.

In the city, players gain access to actions, with each spot representing the three actions that surround it.

This simple worker placement gives way to a deep engine-building mechanism as not only will building around production spaces utilize the houses you've already built in the countryside, but building near other player's houses will re-activate them, giving other players valuable opportunities outside of their turns.

The game ends once players have placed all their houses. The player with the most points from all sources wins.

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Ragusa: a maritime republic and Mediterranean port that sees thousands of ships pass through its walled harbor.

Here, in the midst of the 15th century, Ragusa is at its peak - it is the sole rival to Venice as a trading gateway between the Eastern and Western civilizations, a neutral zone where merchants from all corners of the globe come to show their wares.

But Ragusa is nothing - and was nothing - without you: the builders. By strategically building lumber mills, vineyards, towers and warehouses around and within the city, you built - and must continue to build - the foundations of wealth and commerce that will be this city's legacy... …

There are 26 Ship cards, and 7 types of Good that ships bring (as above, Furs, Ceramics, Clothing, Spices, Silk, Pearls and Gems).

Each good is worth a different number of points (indicated by the number of stars on the left of the card). Anytime an icon has a blue background, this indicates that it is a good gained from a ship.

Gems cost an extra Silver to buy, and increase the value of Silver by 2 when they enter the board. They are worth 5 points. …

When playing with only one other player, play continues similarly, with one twist: as well as their regular houses, each player has 2 Powerhouses they can use to give themselves an edge.

When setting up, give one player 12 Purple houses, and the other player 12 Blue houses. Then, each player takes 2 Black houses - their Powerhouses.

On any turn the players can place a Powerhouse instead of a house of their color, according to the following rules:

  • Powerhouses can only be played along the walls (i.e. on the outer city house slots) …

In Ragusa, it's possible to play solo - when doing so, you'll go head-to-head against The Patrician, a powerful aristocrat who rules with an iron fist.

Recently married into a second powerful family, The Patrician now operates with twice the resources, land and manpower as you.

To make matters worse, he has pulled strings around the city to reserve building sites and ensure he gets his way...


In Solo Mode, the Patrician uses 2 player boards, with 12 houses in different colors for each. You also have 12 houses, but when you begin the game, all colors will have placed three houses, according to the diagram below (assuming the player is Purple). …

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