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Kepler Imperium

A highly disciplined militaristic society that celebrates power, obedience, and the transcendental beauty of war.

Do not let the uncertainty of battle distract you. Starships cross the gaps between worlds and transform their hulls in a millisecond.

But the successful commander understands that any conflict is ultimately a conflict between minds. Psychological victory leads to material victory.

Material victory leads to aesthetic victory. Aesthetic victory is eternal. All hail the greater good.

Memo to subordinates Rank 7 Imperial Strategist L.R.H.

Orion Republic

Self-appointed moral guardians of humanity, heroically preserving the final remnants of civilization in the known universe.

Betty dear, ever wonder how quantum cubes work? First of all, they are DARN big! Machines the size of a continent - boggles the mind! But they really are quite simple. You know, dear, how quantum uncertainty can move all of the air molecules to one corner of a room?

Quantum cubes do the same thing - just to all the energy in a planet. We build 'em, and BOOM! - all the power we need to build our next quantum cube - plus some left over for fleet improvements. Leaves the planet a bit of a mess, but hey - that's not my department. Damn, I love my job!

Letter to home colony Chief Engineer B. Rogers, H.M. Orion Royal Navy

Andromeda Confederacy

Driven mad by the pursuit of knowledge, stopping at nothing to evolve themselves and their technology to the next stage of humanity.

The enigmas of the Six-Dimensional Quantum Displacer - the Quantum D6 - confound our philosophers and our theologians.

Time and space are two braided serpents that eat each other's tails. Thus we fight the same battles, over the same sectors, again and again and again.

We are quarks in the mind of God; science is the balm for the ailment of existence.

Meditation 5:74 Andromeda Master Nebuchadnezzar.

Vulpes Alliance

A loose collection of survivalists, bound together by an embrace of interspecies DNA splicing and their animistic worship of the Quantum.

Today is a good day to die again. Vulpes Alliance warning carved into the hull of plundered battlestation

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