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  • 9 Game Tiles
  • 1 Die
  • 55 Mission cards
  • Sand timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Find objects on the tiles to win cards. Win the most cards or be the first to collect six cards to win the game


  1. Lay out the tiles in a 3x3 grid.

  2. Separate the cards into piles of the same color and put them face down. Make sure each pile is well shuffled.

  3. For the green and red cards, agree which layer c of missions to play: top, middle or bottom.

  4. Decide who's going first. Play continues to the left.

Game Play

There are two ways to Play:

  • Round & Round

    Play a few rounds of each mission color at a time.

  • Mish Mash

    Roll the die to decide which mission color to play.

Round & Round is a great way to get to know each game before you make it frantic with Mish Mash.

Switch or Flip

If a card back has one of these arrows on it, do as it says before you play it.

Switch the location of any two tiles

Flip over any tile.

Play Round & Round

  1. Agree how many rounds to play:

    PlayersRounds of Each Color
    2-33 rounds
    4-52 rounds
    6+1 round

  2. Play all your blue card rounds first, then green rounds, then red

  3. Take the top card from the color you're playing and play that card.

    The rules are different for each mission color. Read the rules on the back if it's your first game. If you know what to do, dive in and play.

  4. Whoever wins the mission keeps the card and your turn is over. The player to your left takes their turn.

  5. Once you've played through all three colors, count how many cards you've won.

The person with the most cards is the winner.

Play Mish Mash

  1. On your turn roll the die. What color is it showing?

  2. Play a card of that color (if you see an arrow, remember to switch or flip a tile before you play).

  3. Whoever wins the mission keeps the card and your turn is over.

  4. The player to the left now starts their turn by rolling the die.

The first player to win six cards wins the game.

Sneaky Cheats, Beware

If you shout Pictureka! before you point, or if you point at a picture that blatantly doesn't match the mission then you're a sneaky cheat!

The other players decide you - you could lose a card... or maybe you have to howl like a dog or perform an "I'm So Sorry" dance.


There are 3 card colors, each with a different kind of mission,

Blue: Find It First

Beat the others to it. Everyone gets to play.

  1. Turn the card face up for everyone to see. It shows a picture that appears only once on the tiles.

  2. All at once, look for the picture as fast as you can. Shout Pictureka! and point to the picture as soon as you find it. The first to find it keeps the card.

Green: Personal

Roll and find against the clock. You're on your own!

  1. Take a green card. Read out the words on the layer you chose, then roll the die. That's how many of those things you have to find.

  2. Put the card face up in front of you, then ask another player to flip the timer and shout when you're out of time.

  3. Ready, steady, GO! Start searching!

    • Success! If you find enough of the things you're looking for before time runs out, keep the card.
    • Sorry! If time runs out before you found your target number of things, bad luck! Put the card to the bottom of the pile.

Red: My Tile

Find pictures on your own tiles. Everyone gets to play.

  1. Each choose any tile and put it in front of you. If there are 4 players or fewer, help yourself to 2 tiles each.

  2. Turn over the top red card, read it out, then put it in the middle for everyone to see.

  3. Count 3,2,1, GO, flip over your tiles and start searching.

  4. If you're first to find a picture that matches the mission, shout Pictureka! and point at it. You get to keep the card.

    If you can't find a matching picture, you can flip your tiles to the other side once per card.

  5. When you've finished, put your tiles back anywhere you like in the gameboard grid.

Other Ways to Play

Longer or Shorter Game

  • Mish Mash: Set the number of cards you need to win higher or lower to make the game longer or shorter.

  • Round & Round: Play fewer rounds fora quicker game.

Team Play

Split into teams and work together. A great way to help little ones have fun.

Mix & Match

If you own the original Pictureka! game, mix up the tiles!

  • Mix up all 18 picture tiles and pick 9 at random.

  • Put the blue cards to one side, out of the game.

  • Mix together the red and green cards from both games and shuffle one red pile and one green pile. Put them face down on the table.

  • Play Round & Round or Mish Mash with the red and green cards as normal. Re-roll if you roll blue.

  • When you're done, put each game's cards and tiles back in their own box (look for the 2 in the corner of the tiles).

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