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The rules for 2 players are the same as the solo rules, with the following exceptions:


Shuffle the 76-card deck and reveal the top 8 cards. Set aside any Door or Dream cards into the Limbo pile, and replace them with the top card of the deck, until you have 8 Location cards.

Re-shuffle all cards set aside in the Limbo pile back into the deck.

Each player takes one of the 8 revealed cards, until each player has 3 cards in their hand. These 3 cards are called Personal resources.

The 2 remaining cards are called Shared resources and remain face up.

Personal resources/Shared resources

When a player decides to play or discard a card, he can choose a card from his Personal resources or from the Shared resources.

His hand is actually made up of the cards from both groups.

Hence, if he decides to discard his whole hand (as a result of a Nightmare card, for instance), he must discard all the cards from his Personal resources (in his hand) and the cards from the Shared resources (on the table).

When he replenishes his hand afterwards, he first draws the 3 cards of his Personal resources, then the 2 cards of the Shared resources (putting aside in the Limbo pile any Dream and Door cards, and drawing replacement cards).

Game Play

Play a card

Each player builds up one row of cards - each Dreamwalker explores a different part of the labyrinth, so each player has their own row. Playing a card in the other player's row is not allowed.

Discard a card

In addition to discarding a card, the active player may also immediately swap a card from his Personal resources with a card from the Shared Resources.

The players take turns until the game ends in victory or defeat.

Example: The game after a few rounds

End of the Game

Each player must have 4 Door cards, one of each color, at the same time.

The game ends immediately (the active player does not replenish his hand). When a player gets his fourth Door card, he keeps playing until the common victory condition has been reached.

Ways of playing

Various ways of playing the cooperative game are possible, from total silence (the players do not trade any information about the cards in their Personal resources and have to guess the best play possible according to the other player's actions) to open play (the players place their Personal resources face up on the table and discuss strategies openly).

We recommend that the players agree before starting the game how they intend to play.

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