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One Bonus Challenge Card is randomly drawn at the start of each game, and provides an additional opportunity to score points during the game.

Bronze Baron

At the end of the game, players receive 5, 10 or 15 points for having 4, 5, or 6 of their bronze level Skyscrapers still standing on the board.

Master Architect

At the end of the game, players receive 3, 6, or 10 points for having 3, 4, or 5(+) irregularly shaped Skyscrapers on the board. Irregularly shaped Skyscrapers are the non-rectangular Skyscrapers. They have a hexagon printed around their point value to help you identify them.

Generation King

At the end of the game, players score 5 points for each Generation of Technology for which they possess the most Skyscrapers on the board (the player with the most bronze Skyscrapers scores 5 points, the player with the most silver scores 5 points, etc).. In case of a tie, that Generation of Technology does not score any additional points this game.

Gold Tycoon

At the end of the game, players receive 3 points per District in which they have at least 2 gold level Skyscrapers Note: When a Skyscraper is built across 2 Districts, it counts towards scoring both Districts.

Gold Prestige

Unlike other Challenge Cards, this bonus is claimed DURING the game.

Whenever you add one of your gold level Skyscrapers to the board, you will score 1 additional point for each of your opponents' bronze or silver level Skyscrapers that it touches.

Action Cards

Action Cards can be used on your turn for a special bonus action. You may use as many Action Cards as you want on your turn, and each card can only be used once each game. Turn each Action Card face-down after use.

Construction Boom

Take one additional Build action this turn. This card cannot be used if it would cause you to have fewer than 4 unbuilt Skyscrapers remaining.

Note: This card does not allow you to take a second Territory Card or Demolish a second time.

Market Shift

Refresh the Open Market at the start of your turn. Shuffle the 4 face-up Territory Cards and place them at the bottom of the Future Market. Then draw 4 new cards and place them face-up to replenish the Open Market.

Land Grab

If you choose to Expand this turn, you can acquire one additional Territory Card during the Expand step. Both Territory Cards you acquire this turn must be size-2 Territories. This card cannot be used when the Future Market is empty.

Note: Both Territory Cards are acquired at the same time, therefore you must have at least 2 Workers available to use this card.

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