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Amanita Muscaria

Fly Agaric

One of the most famous poisonous mushrooms, in earlier times it was sometimes used as an edible mushroom in Japan (and even in the area of Hamburg)

Coprinus Comatus

Lawyer's Wig

As a young mushroom very edible, has to be cooked after gathering very quickly or will dissolve and become unedible.

Armillaria Mellea

Honey Fungus

In its raw form poisonous, becomes edible when cooked and often seen in meals.

Grifola Frondosa

Hen Of The Woods

Known and loved as Maitake in Japan.

Auricularia Auricula

Tree Ear

Highly regarded edible mushrooms especially in Asian cuisine.

Leccinum Scabrum

Birch Bolete

Edible mushroom that is under Conservation in Germany.

Boletus Edulis


Highly regarded edible mushrooms even during the days of Rome. Hard to cultivate.

Lentinula Edodes


One of the most cultivated edible mushrooms, in China and Japan also sought for its supposed medicinal purposes

Cantharellus Cibarius


Highly regarded edible mushroom since antiquity; is currently suffering from the effects of environmental pollution.

Morchella Esculenta


A highly regarded edible mushroom that is under Conservation in Germany

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