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Rating: 9.5 Outstanding
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 120-88 minutes

Created by: Matthew Dunstan, Tey Bartolome, Georges Bouchelaghem, Grafit Studios, Hendry Iwanaga, Agri Karuniawan, Raph Lomotan, Paul Mafayon, Philippe Nouhra, Andreas Rocha, Brian Valeza

Published by: Funforge


In Monumental, each player will control a civilization that will evolve through his city: a grid of 3x3 cards (coming our from the player's starting civilization deck) that can each be activated to gather various resources such as Science, Military, Production, Culture, and Gold that will allow to trigger many actions.

But there's a trick: one cannot activate all his cards at once, which means that tough choices will have to be made each turn in order to select the cards that are the most needed.

The resources gathered from the activated city cards will allow the players to acquire cards from a common pool of cards, allowing them to get improved buildings, technologies, wonders, etc. and therefore to leverage their civilization deck to new heights through more and more efficient card combos.

As the common pool of cards progress (either as players have acquired cards or because they didn't - which leads to one card from the pool to be discarded per turn), the game progresses through eras.

Medieval cards are better than classical cards, and industrial cards even better, but of course those cards are more and more expensive to acquire.

A modular board, at the center of the table, holds each civilization's army. The board is made of Provinces to be conquered. Unoccupied Province's inhabitants are barbarians who will provide resources to the player who will defeat them. Holding a conquered province also bring victory points.

The player with the most impressive civilization at the end of the game will be remembered for all time (and they also win the game!).

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Monumental: The Lost Kingdoms

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  • 105 Civilization cards
  • 54 Development cards
  • 30 Basic Building cards
  • 20 Automa cards
  • 24 Hero & Monster cards
  • 80 Tiles
  • 20 Wonder tokens
  • 50 Exploration tokens
  • 25 Production tokens
  • 20 Market tokens
  • 50 Gold tokens
  • 20 Culture tokens
  • 12 Barbarian/Monster tokens
  • 39 Resource counters
  • 5 Wonder Construction counters
  • 94 Classic Edition Tokens
  • 12 Monsters tokens
  • 150 Deluxe Edition Figures

Object of the Game

In Monumental, each player leads a unique civilization. How will you shape your destiny, and how will history remember you?

Dare you succeed as a warmonger, as a pioneer of cultural and scientific progress, or an architect of a great city and remarkable Wonders? …

Automa Module

The Automa cards is composed of 20 cards (15 Action cards and 5 Civilization cards) that can be used to add an additional civilization into the game which is controlled by the game.

For instance, a 2-player game can be played between a human-controlled civilization and an automa-controlled civilization. …

Activate: turn a card 45 degrees, and immediately gain any resources it gives (top right-hand corner). You may also use its other effects this turn. You can never activate a card that was previously activated this turn.

Active Cultural Policy: The topmost Cultural policy, ie. the policy a player most recently developed.

Archive: When you archive a card, choose any card in your City that you did not activate this turn, and remove it from the game. If you archive a card that has a Knowledge card attached, the Knowledge card is discarded. Place the archived cards under your Warlord card. …

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