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Rating: 7.7 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 4-20 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Official Site: Monikers

Created by: Alex Hague, Justin Vickers, Alex Hague

Published by: Palm Court


Monikers is a party game based on the public domain game Celebrity, where players take turns attempting to get their teammates to guess names by describing or imitating well-known people.

In the first round, clue givers can say anything they want, except for the name itself.

For the second round, clue givers can only say one word. And in the final round, clue givers can't say anything at all: they can only use gestures and charades.

Retail Price:$16
Monikers: Shmonikers
Monikers: Something Something
Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Nominee 2015

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Monikers only takes about 5-10 minutes to learn. Start by dividing your group into 2 teams.


  • 440 cards ranging from celebrities to fictional characters to *weird*


Deal 10 cards to each person. Everyone secretly chooses 5 that they like. Shuffle all the cards people chose into one deck, which will be used by both teams for the entire game. Put the other cards back in the box.

You want to aim for using around 40-50 cards in the deck, so deal fewer and choose fewer when playing with a big group, and deal more and choose more with a small group. …

Q: Someone guessed part of the name or something really close to it. Does that count?

A: To keep things moving during a turn, the person giving clues should decide whether their team guessed correctly.

After their turn, feel free to argue about it-that can be a lot of fun, actually-but try not to interrupt them while the timer is going. Our view is that as long as a person got the gist of the name, it should count.

Q: My friends aren't internet weirdos like you. What should I do if they don't know who a lot of these people are? …

Monikers is based on a public domain game, so there are lots of different ways to play:


If you're out somewhere, you can just pull cards from the box and try to get your friends to guess using the rules for Round 1 or 2. Probably no need to use a timer or keep score.

Extra Rounds

You can add rounds with different rules. We've seen people play rounds with making a single sound, holding a facial expression, and playing the charades round under a sheet. Seriously. …

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