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Rating: 7 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 20-30 minutes

Official Site: Mondo website from designer Michael Schacht

Created by: Michael Schacht, Oliver Freudenreich, Hans-Georg Schneider

Published by: Pegasus Spiele, Brain Games, dV Giochi

Alternate Names: Mondo Πλανήτης Γη, Мондо, 創世界


In Mondo, players compete against each other while also racing against the clock. Each player has a small world board with empty spaces on it, and all players simultaneously pick tiles depicting different animals and environments from the middle of the table and place them on their world board, trying to create complete areas of the same environment.

A new tile must be placed next to an already placed tile, but the environmental borders don't have to match. (These errors will earn negative points when the board is scored).

When the timer runs out, players score bonus points for each animal and each completed environment and score negative points for volcanic tiles, empty fields on the world board and mismatched tiles (for example, a tile with a forest border connecting with a tile with a water border).

Mondo includes three degrees of difficulty, in addition to additional goals and ways to achieve (and lose) bonus points, as well as rules for solo play.

Retail Price:$61
Mondo Micro
Mondo Sapiens Micro
Mondo: Das Duell
Mondo: Zusatzspieler Pack A
Mondo: Zusatzspieler Pack B
Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner 2013
Gra Roku Game of the Year Nominee 2013
Gioco dell’Anno Nominee 2013
Spel van het Jaar (Age 6-12) Nominee 2012
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Every player fashions his own world full of exotic animals and a variety of landscapes with the help of tiles and a board. While doing so, it's important to keep a sharp eye on the time and the other players, because everything happens simultaneously until the timer runs out. Whoever is able to jump out at the right time can reap a couple more bonus points.

After three turns, the player who has collected the most points wins the game.

In the advanced game, scoring modifiers increase the fun. And the expert game constantly provides new challenges through various additional tasks. …

The rules of the beginner game apply with the following additions:


Shuffle the 5 scoring modifiers and place them face down as a deck off to the side. Turn over the topmost scoring modifier and place it face up.

Game Play

Set the timer to 6 minutes at the beginning of every turn.


The scoring modifier applies to all players: If one player is the best at fulfilling the scoring modifier, he receives 4 plus points.

If more than one player is the best, they each receive 4 plus points. If one player is the worst compared to the rest, he receives 4 minus points. …

The rules of the beginner game and the advanced game apply with the following additions:


Shuffle the 12 additional tasks and place them face down off to the side. Turn over twice as many additional tasks as there are players, and place them face up within easy reach of all players.

Example: In a three-player game, turn over 6 additional tasks.

Game Play

At the beginning of each turn, set the timer to 5 minutes.

During the turn, you may take up to 2 additional tasks and place them in front of you. You keep these until the end of the turn; you may not give them up, and no one may take them away from you. …

  • Before the game, look over the different tiles at your leisure. They depict 1, 2, or 3 landscapes in different combinations, but they do not contain all possible combinations! There is no tile with 4 landscapes.

  • For each landscape type there are 4 different animals, which appear 4 times each.

  • For all landscape tiles applies the following: On one side is always a holohedral landscape.

  • If you get stuck, try advancing from another direction. The tile you're looking for may have been used by another player.

  • Sometimes it makes sense to place tiles with misconnections, when the points gained outweigh the penalty. …

Do you want to play Mondo, but there's no one to play with at the moment? Then just play alone! The rules of the beginner game apply with the following changes:


The bonus chips and the score sheet are not needed; put them in the box. The volcano chip counts in solo play; place it next to your board.

Now take 4 tiles at random and place them at random on the 4 spaces of the board that are colored slightly differently from the other spaces. …


If particularly experienced players are at the table, you can ask them to take on this handicap to equalize play. You play without the volcano chip; instead, every handicapped player receives 1 minus point for every active volcano.

The players without a handicap receive no minus points for volcanos.

Inactive volcanos bring no minus points. You can increase the handicap further by making the inactive volcanos also carry 1 minus point each.

Back Side of the World Board

The back side of the world board offers you a further opportunity for variation. …

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