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Rating: 6.2 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 4-8 players
Playing time: 20-40 minutes

Created by: Domenico Di Giorgio, Gianpaolo Derossi

Published by: dV Giochi, Edge Entertainment


This game is the sequel to Lupus in Tabula; the Tabula inhabitants have moved into the city, but there is a little problem-the werewolves have moved there, too!

This game keeps the theme and part of the mechanism of the famous party-game precursor, but this time it's for 3-8 players.

Note that Lupusburg isn't an expansion, although it is possible to combine parts of the two games.

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The village of Tabula, once famous for its case of lycanthropy, has become a rich town. But the people haven't changed their nasty habits!

At night, someone goes around howling, turned into a Werewolf, while someone else has dedicated himself to stealing from houses, searching for precious treasures.

During the day, the Burgomaster tries to bring order back to the town's inhabitants: but what if he is really the Werewolf in disguise?


  • The Burgomaster with base
  • 2 Werewolf evidence tokens
  • The Werewolf 's claw
  • 16 voting tokens
  • 8 betting seals
  • 8 coins
  • One linen bag
  • 33 cards
  • 16 houses
  • 1 summary card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Disguised among the Townsfolk of Lupusburg is a voracious Werewolf! The goal of the Werewolf is to slaughter all of the Townsfolk. On the other hand, the goal of the Townsfolk is to lynch the Werewolf. …

  • During the game, there are moments when the players all have their eyes closed.

    It is very important that players do not hear the movements of the other players acting during night.

    If tapping the table is not enough to cover up accidental noises, we suggest playing some background music.

  • The role of the Thief is highly strategic! Remember that in the house with the chest there cannot be the Werewolf, nor the Thief.

    The Thief can use this piece of information to his advantage: by watching which characters are seen by the Burgomaster using his privilege, he can try to identify who is actually the Werewolf. …

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