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Game Board

The game board represents King Taron's dungeon, Kulbak Prison. It has two sides: one side for games with 1-2 players and one side for games with 3-5 players.

1 Locations: The prison has eight numbered locations: the EXERCISE YARD, the SEWERS, the INFIRMARY, the SMITHY, the COMMISSARY, the CHOW HALL, the CELL BLOCK, and the LIBRARY. Players will assign their crew tokens to these locations.

2 Round Track: The round marker advances on this track to indicate the progress toward the end of the game, representing the six weeks until King Taron's arrival.

3 Goon Spaces: There are five goon spaces, where goon cards will be placed face up during play. Each goon space is associated with a specific location.

4 Tome Deck: The tome deck goes here, next to the LIBRARY.

5 Item Deck & Display: The item deck goes here, next to the CELL BLOCK. Cards drawn from this deck will be placed face up in the spaces of the item display. Some item spaces have icons to indicate that they are only used at specific player counts.

6 Reputation Track: This track runs around the outside of the game board. Players move their reputation markers on this track whenever they score reputation stars.

7 Suspicion Supply: The supply of suspicion cubes goes here.

Crew Tokens

Each player's crew is represented by six crew tokens in their color. These crew tokens are assigned to various locations in the prison.

Each crew token has two sides: the front side shows their numerical strength value, while the back side only shows which crew they belong to.

  • Lookout: The lookout has the "eye" icon instead of a strength value.

  • Enforcer: The enforcer has the "fist" icon instead of a strength value.

Holding Cells

The holding cell is a tray where each player's crew tokens sit, visible to them but hidden from their opponents, until they assign them each round.

Note: Before the first play, insert the cardboard panel into the holding cell so that the images of the crew show through the bars.

Crew Boards

Each player has a crew board to track the power of their crew's enforcer and the amount of suspicion they have attracted from the guards.

The crew board also helps organize any crafted items, recruited goons, and collected resources. Crew boards have two sides: side A (standard) and side B (advanced).

Resource Cubes

There are four different resources: scrap (green), potions (blue), iron (grey), and gold (yellow). During the game, players will collect these resources, then spend them to craft items and recruit goons.

When a player gains a resource, they take that resource cube from the supply. When a player spends a resource, they return that resource cube to the supply. The resources are intended to be limited to the quantities that come in the game box.

Power & Suspicion Cubes

Each player has both a power level and a suspicion level. Each player's power level, indicated by the number of power cubes (red) they have, represents the strength of their crew's enforcer.

Each player's suspicion level, indicated by the number of suspicion cubes (black) they have, represents how much suspicion their crew has attracted from the guards.

Item Cards

Players can craft contraband items at the CELL BLOCK location by spending resources equal to their resource cost. Crafted items grant reputation stars, count as valuables, and might even provide special effects.

1 Reputation Value: When a player crafts an item, they immediately score reputation stars equal to this value.

2 Special Effects / Valuables: Some items have special effects, which are shown here. Each item also counts as one or more valuables. There are three different types of valuables: shields (), gems (), and magic ().

3 Name: The name of the contraband item.

4 Resource Cost: The resources that a player must spend to craft the item.

Goon Cards

Goon cards represent other prisoners in Kulbak Prison not associated with any player's crew. The goons that appear each round determine which locations of the prison the guards are monitoring.

Players can recruit goons to join their crew at the CHOW HALL location. Recruited goons grant reputation stars and might count as valuables provide special effects.

1 Type: The race that the goon belongs to.

Special Effects / Valuables: Some goons have special effects, which are shown here, while other goons count as valuables. There are three different

2 types of valuables: shields (), gems (), and magic ().

3 Suspicion Icon: Indicates how many suspicion cubes are placed at the goon's location.

4 Reputation Value: At the end of the game, the player who recruits this goon will score reputation stars based on the criteria shown here.

Tome Cards

Players can draw tome cards at the LIBRARY location. Tome cards are single-use effects.

They can be played at any time, unless specified otherwise. Players keep their tome cards secret until they wish to play them.

Once played, tome cards are discarded. At the end of the game, players will score one reputation star for each unplayed tome card they have.

Goal Cards

Goal cards can be claimed to score additional reputation stars.

There are three different types of goal cards: instant goals, leader goals, and end game goals.

One card of each type is randomly selected at the start of the game. To claim a goal card, a player must fulfill the card's requirement.

Trait Cards

Trait cards give each player's crew a unique starting position at the beginning of the game. They are only used in the advanced setup.

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