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Rating: 8 Very Good
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 90-115 minutes

Official Site: Lockup

Created by: Stan Kordonskiy, Luis Francisco, Lucas Ribeiro

Published by: Thunderworks Games


During the Dragul Invasion of Nalos, King Taron's loyal soldiers throw captured minions into Kulbak Prison, where enchanted gates and Construct guards make escape all but impossible.

Once each year, Taron releases the toughest gang of war prisoners into the royal Colosseum.

You command a squadron of these captured Dragul. Gather goons and craft contraband to raise your reputation.

Keep your suspicion with the guards low while establishing yourself as the most powerful crew in Kulbak. In six short days, Taron may offer you the chance to fight for your freedom.

Lockup: A Roll Player Tale is a competitive worker-allocation game for one to five players. In the game, players manage groups of minions -- gnolls, kobolds, bugbears, goblins, or insectoids -- locked up in Kulbak Prison.

Each round, players try to keep their suspicion from the guards under control while allocating their crew to different locations within Kulbak.

The player with the strongest crew in each location at the end of each round gains the most resources, hires the most powerful crew, and builds the most powerful items, increases their reputation. The player with the highest reputation at the end of six rounds, wins the game.

Lockup is a worker placement game set in the Roll Player universe.

Play takes place over three phases in each round:

  1. Roll Call - Players take turns placing their minions in different parts of the prison, some face up showing a unit's strength and some face down, hiding the strength from the other players.
  2. Lights Out - Each area with minions is scored based on the strength of each player's crew. Players receive resources and have the opportunity to recruit goons and build items.
  3. Patrol Phase - New resources are placed on the gameboard, and the guards patrol the dungeon. Players with high suspicion are raided, and their chambers are searched.
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When King Taron's loyal soldiers put down the Dragul Invasion of Nalos, they threw the captured minions into Kulbak Prison, where the enchanted gates and ruthless Construct guards make escape all but impossible. Once every year, the king releases the toughest gang of prisoners into the royal colosseum.

You play as a squadron of minions - Gnolls, Kobolds, Bugbears, Goblins, or Insectoids - that were captured on the battlefield and locked up in Kulbak.

But in six short weeks, King Taron will visit the prison, and he might give you the chance to fight for your freedom. Can you build a reputation and establish yourself as the prison's most powerful crew? …

Game Board

The game board represents King Taron's dungeon, Kulbak Prison. It has two sides: one side for games with 1-2 players and one side for games with 3-5 players.

1 Locations: The prison has eight numbered locations: the EXERCISE YARD, the SEWERS, the INFIRMARY, the SMITHY, the COMMISSARY, the CHOW HALL, the CELL BLOCK, and the LIBRARY. Players will assign their crew tokens to these locations.

2 Round Track: The round marker advances on this track to indicate the progress toward the end of the game, representing the six weeks until King Taron's arrival. …

The advanced setup offers a new way to play the game, with each crew having unique starting conditions and a trait from the Roll Player universe. Can you prove victorious as the Obnoxious Insectoids, the Greedy Goblins, or the Nimble Gnolls?

Follow the setup instructions for the standard game, but with the following changes:

  1. Players start on the "0" space of the reputation track instead of the "10" space.

  2. Players do not automatically start with any power cubes.

  3. Players use the advanced side of their chosen crew board (side B). …

In solitary mode, your crew is isolated in an old wing of the prison. Instead of competing against other players,

you face off against an automated opponent - the guards.

Guard Board

The guard board is used to track the guards' power cubes, suspicion cubes, and resource cubes, and to organize the item cards and goon cards that the guards acquire.

The guards can keep an unlimited number of resources.

Guard Deck

The guard deck represents the "screws", the corrupt guards within Kulbak Prison. The deck is composed of 12 guard cards. …

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