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  • 6 Paddles
  • 6 Erasers
  • 6 Dry-Erase Markers
  • 71 "Subject" cards
  • 71 "Description" cards
  • Scoreboard
  • Likewise Mode Die
  • Mode die sticker sheet.
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach the winner's circle by matching your answers with the other players.


Apply stickers to Die. Select your favorite paddle, along with a marker and eraser.

Shuffle the Orange Description Cards and place them face down on their spot on the board. Then shuffle the Red Subject Cards and place them face down on their spot as well.

Game Play

1. Starting

Whoever has the next birthday starts the game.

2. Roll Die

At the beginning of each round, roll the die first to determine what MODE the round will be played in:

  • Likewise! Mode

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

    Working alone & IN SECRET, think of an answer that fits the topic & write it down on your own paddle... keep in mind that you're trying to match answers, so think of what someone else might write.

  • Doodle! Mode:

    Instead of writing, secretly doodle an answer that someone else might doodle. Yes...doodle. Don't worry, we're not talking Picasso here. More like the kind of doodle you did in school or while on the phone. You can even write notes.

  • Wiseguys! Mode:

    They say, "two heads are better than one". So, if you roll "Wiseguys!", instead of working alone, choose any ONE player to team up with & and work as one.

    Everyone else plays alone. Swap ideas back & forth with your teammate to try to match what others might write. Then decide on ONE answer on ONE paddle for you and teammate to use.

3. Flip Cards

Now flip the first pair of cards over onto their space on the board to reveal that round's topic.

When everyone is done writing/doodling an answer that fits the topic, turn the paddles over to reveal the answers and see how many have matched to score.

Scoring (All Modes)

The most matched (or equally most matched) answers win the round and score. Relish in your small victory and mark 1 space on the scoreboard, next to your paddle character.

It's the same in Wiseguys! Mode. If the Wiseguys team paddle is one of the most matched, then each Wiseguy scores a point!

If nobody matches, nobody scores, and everyone fails Mind Reading 101 for this round.

Example: Most matched:

Let's pretend "Goofy Hairstyle" came up. Kristin, Alan & John wrote "Mullet", Becky & Chris wrote "Mohawk" and Mike, always the wise-aleck, wrote "Alan's Style". Kristin, Alan & John had the most matched and score.

Example: Equally matched:

Let's pretend John & Kristin wrote "Mullet", Mike & Chris wrote "Man Perm". Since "Mullet" and "Man Perm" are equally matched, all four players score.

Next Round

Wipe your paddles clean and the next player (clockwise) rolls the die to determine the new mode for the next round. Then new pairs of cards are flipped over and placed on top of the previous ones. The game is repeated, and so on... and likewise.

End of the Game

The first player to reach the winner circle is declared the be-all and end-all telepathic superstar! aka: The Winner *stand up & take bow*

Tie (Winner's Circles):

In the event of a tie at the end of the game, don't panic. Take a deep breath and have EVERYONE play another round. If you're in the winner's circle and win THIS round, you win!

If nobody wins or there's another tie, keep playing and score as normal until someone is victorious. Watch out though... underdogs can still come from behind and win!



Noway... you don't have to spel thigns corretly? As long as people know what it is, you match.


Of course. you can doodle at any point. As long as people get your doodle. so doodle away!

Can't think of the name?

No biggie... you can also describe something or write down a definition as well.

Mind goes blank?

For slow pokes. it's not a mental marathon. Write anything! Even if you don't match. you can always play for a laugh. The more absurd the better! :)

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