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  • 1 Game board
  • 24 Colored dice (6 blue, 6 green, 6 red, 6 yellow)
  • 4 Dice cups
  • 1 Bag

Object of the Game

Get rid of all your dice before your opponents by quickly placing dice of the same color in ascending numerical order on the game board.


Place the game board on the table so that all players can reach it easily.

Put all 24 dice into the bag and mix them well. Based on the number of players, each player randomly takes a certain number of dice from the bag and places them in his/her dice cup. (The colors of the dice don't matter).

  • With 2 players, each player takes 12 dice.
  • With 3 players, each player takes 8 dice.
  • With 4 players, each player takes 6 dice.

Game Play

One player shouts "Go!" to begin the round. All players roll all of their dice at the same time by emptying their dice cups. Each player tries to place as many matching dice as possible from his/her roll onto the board.

The rules for placing dice are as follows:

Each die must always be placed down in the space that matches its color and value.

The dice must always be placed in ascending order.

Example: The yellow 2 may not be placed down until the yellow 1 is already in place.

Each player may only pick up and place down the dice with one hand.

If a player is unable to play some of his/her dice from his/her roll, he/she may re-roll his/her remaining dice. If a player chooses to re-roll his/her dice, he/she MUST re-roll ALL of his/her remaining dice.

Since the players play simultaneously, the following rule applies: first come, first served.

For example, if Logan has placed the yellow 1 from his roll faster than Nina, Nina must roll her yellow 1 again because she can no longer place it. But, when re-rolling her yellow 1 die, she must re-roll all of her remaining dice at the same time.

When a player correctly places his/her last die, he/she calls out "STOP!" No more dice are allowed to be placed down. The dice not placed by this time remain on the table for all to see until the scores have been tallied.


When scoring points, the number value shown on the dice does not matter. All players start the game with a total of 100 points.

The first player to properly place all of his/her dice scores 1 point for each die that the other players were unable to place. The other players score negative 1 point for each of their own remaining dice.

Example: Logan ends the round by being the first player to place down his last die and shouts, "STOP!"

Nina still has three dice in front other. Marie still has one die and Lydia has four dice.

Logan adds 8 points to his total score (Nina's 3 dice + Marie's 1 die + Lydia's 4 dice = 8). Nina subtracts 3 points, Marie subtracts 1 point, and Lydia subtracts 4 points from their total scores.

After the points have been awarded, the dice are all put back into the bag and mixed well. Then, the players take the same number of dice out of the bag according to the rules in "Setup" and a new round begins.

End of the Game

Three rounds are played for each player in the game; therefore, 6 rounds for two players, 9 rounds for three players, and 12 rounds for four players are played.

The person who has the most points after these rounds wins the game! If there is a tie for the most points, the tied players play one more tiebreaker round to determine the winner.

Tip: When playing with children, adults may receive one or two more dice for easier gameplay.

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