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  • 8 loops
  • 8 clothespins
  • 4 bonus buttons
  • 114 word tags and 1"Shuffle" tag
  • 8 coloring pencils
  • 8 numbered spools
  • Instructions


  1. Hand each player:

    • an answer sheet and pencil,
    • a number oF loops and spools (see table). Ignore the numbers on the spools For now.
  2. Take the bonus buttons listed in the table and stack them From highest (most holes) to lowest (Fewest holes). Place the stack in the center oF the table.

  3. Return unused loops, spools, and bonus buttons to the box.

  4. Write your name on your sheet then cross out the numbers matching the spools that aren't being used.

  5. The player with the spool that shows the lowest number starts the game.

Object of the Game

The player with the most points wins the game!

Game Play

Each game is divided up into 3 steps: Knit, Answer, and Score.

During the Knit step, you'll place loops, word tags, and spools to create a design. During the Answer step, you'll try to come up with one answer For each spool in the design.

You can grab a bonus button if you Finish early. Then, you'll Score your answers as soon as all oF the bonus buttons are taken.


Beginning with the start player and continuing clockwise, take turns to assemble a design. When it's your turn:

1. Place a Loop

Place one oF your loops on the table. It must enclose exactly 1 spool and cannot enclose any clothespins that are already on the table.

Note: You won't be able to enclose a spool on your First turn since there won't be any spools or loops on the table get!

2. Place a Word

Draw a word From the Front oF box and clip it into the clothespin tied to your loop. This associates the new word with the new loop.

3. Place a Spool

Put a spool inside any unoccupied region of the design (i.e., inside a loop).

This does not need to be inside the loop you've just placed, but you may not place a spool into a region oF the design that already has a spool.

Then, the player to your left takes their turn and so on.


Once players cannot add any more spools, the design is complete and the first player shouts "Go!" For each spool in the design, attempt to write one answer onto your answer sheet.

A good answer is any word, name, or group of words that matches each of the characteristics associated with that spool. If a number is not used in the design, leave that answer blank on your answer sheet.

Tip: It's not always easy to come up with an answer for every spool! If you can't come up with a word that fits all the characteristics for a spool, try moving on to the next one.

Note: Don't repeat the characteristics in your answer. For example, if the characteristics are yellow and organic, "daisy" is a good answer, but not "yellow flower".

Note: You may not repeat an answer on your sheet.

When you have an answer for every spool, or when you've decided you can't come up with any other good answers, take the top bonus button from the center of the table. Once you've taken a bonus button, drop your pencil. You may not write any more answers on your sheet.

When the last bonus button is taken, everyone must stop answering. It's now time to score!


Take turns announcing the answers you wrote for each numbered spool.

When scoring each spool, the following rules apply:

  • Each answer is worth points equal to the number of loops surrounding it.

  • If two or more people answer the same thing for the same spool, cross those answers out. Answers must be unique in order to score.

  • Lastly, if you took a bonus button, record these points (the number of holes) under the bonus section of your answer sheet.

Sample Answers

  • Spool 1: Croissants or Chipmunks. (3 points)
  • Spool 2: Bears or Brownies. (2 points)
  • Spool 3: Marbles or Car keys. (1 point)

Challenging an Answer

If an answer sounds like a bad match to you, shout "Knit Wit!" to challenge it.

The challenged player has 10 seconds to explain his answer, after which every player, including the challenged player, quotes (thumbs up or thumbs down ) as to whether the answer should be scored or not.

If the majority oF players glue a thumbs up (or the quote is tied) then score the answer.

End of the Game

Total up your score. The player with the highest total wins the game! Tied players share the victory.

2-player Games

In 2-player games, use only the 2-point bonus button. After this button is taken, the other player may come up with one more answer on his or her answer sheet before stopping.

Playful Answers

In our experience designing the game, it is usually best to accept creative answers (it adds to the fun), but it's a good idea to agree on this before you play so more "serious" players aren't surprised when you suggest "discount Roman kindling" for cheap-historical-flammable.

  • Spool 1: Renegade Robots
  • Spool 2 Sprockets
  • Spool 3: Acorns
  • Spool 4: Golden Snitch
  • Spool 5: Einstein

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