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Rating: 5 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Created by: Brian Yu

Published by: Mattel


The Fruit Ninja Card Game is based on the popular Fruit Ninja video game popularized on the iOS and Andriod mobile platforms. In the video game, fruit (and bombs) are tossed into the air and the player makes gestures to slice as much fruit with their sword as possible while avoiding bombs.

The Fruit Ninja Card Game is a very simple push your luck card game that makes thematic use of simply cutting the deck of cards. By cutting the deck and selecting cards based on the risk associated with the color coded card backs, players attempt to be the first to either collect one of each of the 7 types of fruit or collect 25 pieces of the same type of fruit.

After shuffling the deck of cards, the starting player cuts the deck while making the sound of someone making a sword chop. That player chooses either the top card from the bottom section of the deck or the bottom card from the top section of the deck (a choice between the two inner cards of the split deck). By looking at the color of the card backs, the player can asses the risk of choosing a particular card.

Some cards have a higher risk of being a bomb while having the potential to contain more pieces of fruit. The player continues their turn as long as they avoid choosing a bomb card. As long as the player only finds fruit cards, they continue adding up fruit and splitting the top section of the deck remaining from their previous split. If the player chooses to stop, they get to keep their fruit cards and pass the deck to the next player.

If at some point the player chooses to cut the deck and chooses a bomb card, they end their turn and loose any fruit that they have revealed during that turn (while keeping fruit earned on previous turns). Three types of power bananas can be played from a players saved stash of fruit to perform one of the following actions based on the type of fruit: steal a fruit, ignore a bomb or take an additional turn. While very simple, this card game remains thematically true to the simple video game that it is based on.

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