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Four of the main factions from the Warhammer 40,000 universe are represented in Forbidden Stars. Each faction has faction-specific components that are distinguished by their colour or their faction symbol. Players use these colours and faction symbols to identify which components belong to which players.

The UItramarines

The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are the finest soldiers ever created by mankind. Each is a genehanced post-human clad in ceramite and adamantium power armour and wielding the most advanced weapons produced by the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are the Angels of Death, and they know no fear.

The Ultramarines, the Space Marines who owe their genetic heritage to Primarch Roboute Guilleman, are known throughout the galaxy for their loyalty, their honour, and their unwavering dedication to their duty to safeguard the Imperium of Mankind.

World Eaters Chaos Space Marines

Tenthousand years ago, during the darkness of the Horus Heresy, half of the Space Marine legions turned their backs on the Imperium of Man, profaned their oaths to the Emperor of Mankind, and joined the vile gods of Chaos.

These traitorous Space Marines nearly brought the Imperium to its knees, and have spent the millennia since that dark time plaguing humanity, seeking the ruination of all that has been built in the name of the God-Emperor. The warriors of the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines are bloodthirsty berserkers, even by the standards of their foul brethren, having submitted themselves to the murderous urges inspired by Khorne, the Blood God.

Craftworld Iyanden Eldar

The Eldar are cunning and mysterious beings, xenos who ruled the stars since before mankind could comprehend its own existence. They are seers and warriors, mystics and patient hunters who combated the horrors of the galaxy for aeons without end. Their methods are inscrutable and their goals are unknowable. The ghost warriors of Iyanden know well the price of hubris and have suffered much for it, yet they fight on, plying the stars aboard their massive Craftworld.

Evil Sunz Orks

The savage green-skinned xenos known as the Orks are a species of brutish, barbaric warriors whose only desire is the thrill of battle. Gathering together in teeming hordes with numbers beyond counting, the greenskins work themselves into frenzies of savage violence and unquenchable rage, boiling from one planet to the next across the galaxy in a green tide of war, or "Waaagh!" as the Orks call it.

The Orks of the Evil Sunz howl "Waaagh!" from the seats of smoke-belching bikes or packed into ramshackle trukks, their love of bloodshed surpassed only by their lust for break-neck speed.

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