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Rating: 0 Unknown
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 10-2 minutes

Created by: Connor Reid

Published by: Game Factory, Wiggles 3D

Alternate Names: Finger Tips, Finger Tips Kartenspiele Jeux de cartes, Finger Tips Kartenspiele Jeux de cartes


3 Games in 1!

Fingertips: Animal Edition features 15 friendly and fun animal characters! Each hand has five different characters.

Can you find matches for the animals on your cards?

Play all three Fingertips matching games and have a handful of fun!

Game 1 - Mad Rush: Race other players to match the animal images as fast as you can.

Game 2 - Hot Dog: Match the animals on the cards fingertip to fingertip. If you match a dog to another dog, you get an extra turn!

Game 3 - Hide and Seek: Search the grid to see if you can find the five animals on your hand. Can you remember where you saw them last?

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