It's springtime! Time to restore your farm to its former glory! Lucky for you there's a regional farming competition going on! The trophy for this year's most beautiful farm will be given to the farmer who has the most Animals and Cornfields!

Will you win the competition?


  • 4 Farm cards
  • 15 Animal tokens
  • 6 Wolf cards
  • 12 Animal cards
  • 32 Pen cards, including 4 Starting cards
  • 1 Farmyard
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Expand your Farm, cultivate your Cornfields, and adopt as many

Animals as possible to win the competition! But keep watch for the Wolf who might chase away your Animals. Careful, your own Animals might wreak havoc on your Cornfields


  1. Each player chooses a Farm card and puts it in front of them.

  2. Place the four Starting cards (with a unique card back) in the middle of the table, face up.

  3. Shuffle the Pen and remaining Farm cards to make a face-down deck and set it near the four Starting cards.

  4. Place the Animal tokens in the Farmyard.

The player who saw a tractor most recently plays first. If there's a tie, the youngest player plays first.

Game Play

Players take turns one after another, going clockwise, until there are no more cards available, either in the deck or face-up on the table.

On your turn, choose one of the four face-up cards and, depending on its type, expand your Pens or adopt a new Animal. After playing a card, your turn is over.

Reveal the top card of the deck so the next player has four cards to choose from. Then the next player takes their turn.

You must take a card on your turn. However, in the special case where you cannot play any face-up card (ex: there are no available spaces in your Pens and you can only choose Animal cards), you must still choose a card, which you immediately discard.

There are three types of cards :

A. Pen Cards

Pen cards expand your Farm.

If you choose a Pen card, immediately place it in your Farm.

How to place it? Sides of touching cards must match. A fence must connect to another fence and grassy pastures must touch other pastures:

Note: You may leave empty spaces while expanding your Farm, but will lose 1 point per empty space during final scoring.


Certain Pen cards will have Cornfields on them.

Cornfields will earn you points if they are protected in an Enclosed Pen. In each Enclosed Pen, you will earn 1 point per Cornfield.

Be careful! If your Enclosed Pen also houses one or more Animals, the Cornfields will feed your Animals instead and will earn you no points!

B. Animal Cards

Animal cards let you adopt 1 or 2 Animals. If you choose an Animal card, you can take as many Animal tokens from the Farmyard as shown on the card.

You must immediately place the token(s) on an Animal space in your Farm. This space must not already have an Animal on it. Different types of Animals can be in the same Pen.

Once you place your token, discard the Animal card. Each Animal in your Farm will earn you 1 point at the end of the game.

Try to protect your Animals in closed Pens before a Wolf appears!

C. Wolf Cards

As soon as a Wolf card appears, the game is momentarily paused. Don't choose any card until you resolve the Wolf card. The effects of the Wolf card apply to all players.

The Wolf scares the Animals shown on the Wolf card.

Each player with the same type of Animal (that are not in an Enclosed Pen) must return the corresponding tokens to the Farmyard.

Then discard the Wolf card. Reveal a new card from the deck and resume play.

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as the deck is empty and there are no more available cards. Players count the points earned by their Farm. The player with the most points is the winner!


  • Animals: Each Animal token in your Farm earns you 1 point.

  • Cornfields: Each Cornfield in an Enclosed Pen in your Farm earns you 1 point.

Cornfields that are not in an Enclosed Pen or those in Pens with Animals earn you 0 points.

Subtract 1 point from your score per Pen that you did not enclose by leaving an empty space in the middle.

If there is a tie: the winner is the player with the most (in this order):

For a bigger challenge...


Once you understand the game, you might try this variant to spice up your games.

In this variant, a special prize is given to the farmer who arranged his Farm the best. Additionally, each Pen that only houses Animals of the same type will earn you double the points.

Solo Play

If you are playing solo, the game plays as described above, but with one small change: When the Wolf appears, he frightens almost all of the Animals.

Therefore, you must discard any Animal cards from the four face-up cards (if there are any), then apply the Wolf's effect as previously described.

Then reveal cards from the deck until there are four face-up cards again. If a Wolf appears again, repeat these actions with the affected Animals.

Once there are no more cards available, count the number of points you earned.

Number of Points:

Basic Solo RulesVariant RulesDescription
3550Congratulations! You won the competition!
+30-34+40-49You made it on the podium!
You'll be back next year to get that trophy!
+20-29+30-39Your ponies couldn't resist munching on fresh corn cobs.
+10-19+20-29So close!
The Wolf scared your Animals a few too many times!
0-90-19The judges thought you had a pigsty, rather than a farm.
Try again next year!

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