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Main Objective Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the main objective.

  2. Setup: How to set up the board for this scenario.

  3. Goal: The task(s) that must be accomplished in order to complete the main objective.

  4. Time: An estimate of how long this main objective will take to complete. Short=45-90 minutes. Medium=90-120 minutes. Long=120-210 minutes.

Secret Objective Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the secret objective.

  2. Goal: The task(s) that you must accomplish in order to win the game.

Note: Cards in this Dead of Winter game are marked with a crossroads icon in the lower right corner to help distinguish them from cards included in possible expansions.

Survivor Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the survivor.

  2. Occupation: The survivor's occupation before the zombie apocalypse (This has no game effect).

  3. Influence Value: The survivor's place within the hierarchy of the colony.

  4. Attack Value: The survivor's proficiency in a fight.

  5. Search Value: The survivor's proficiency at finding items.

  6. Ability Location: The location the survivor must be at to use their ability.

  7. Ability: A unique effect the survivor has on the game.

Item Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the item.

  2. Symbol Type: There are 7 different types of item cards.

  3. Ability: A unique effect the card has when played.

  4. Location: This determines what deck this item card starts in at the beginning of the game.

Player Reference Cards

  1. Round Summary: This reminds players of the order in which things happen each round.

  2. Player Turn Actions: This reminds a player what actions are available to him on his turn.

  3. Group Leader: The player's group leader is placed face-up in this area.

  4. Secret Objective: The player's secret objective is placed face down in this area.

  5. Followers: The player's remaining survivors are placed in this area.

  6. Unused Action Dice Pool: After rolling action dice the results are placed here.

  7. Used Action Dice Pool: When a player uses an action die it is placed here.

Crisis Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the crisis.

  2. Prevent: This shows the type of items a player must contribute to the crisis to prevent its effect from happening.

  3. Effect: The negative effect that happens if the crisis is not prevented.

  4. Optional: Players may contribute these items to the crisis, in addition to the required items, to gain this specified effect.

Crossroads Cards

  1. Name: This is the name of the crossroad.

  2. Trigger: The italicized text is the trigger. It is the event that must happen for this card to take effect.

  3. Options: The options given to choose from when the card triggers.

Important Note: Some crossroads cards have mature themes like sex, language, suicide, alcohol use, etc. These cards are marked with this symbol: .

Players may choose to remove these cards prior to the game.

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