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Now you know everything you need to play the game. Should you have any questions during play about card effects or special situations, refer to the sections below.

Card Effect Clarifications

  • Alchemist: Can destroy self (and has to if it is the only card on the board). Destroying face-down cards is worth 0 coins.

  • Berserker: Can never reduce a card's strength below 0.

  • Blood Priest: The opponent chooses which card to destroy (if there are multiple).

  • Bully: Can destroy face-down cards (since they have 0 strength).

  • Demon: Can flip self (and has to if it is the only card in the lane).

  • Dodgy Dealer: The leading player is determined by adding up base strength values in the lane (without Score effects). In case of a tie, nothing happens.

  • Fairy: Only doubles the strength of one card on each side. If multiple cards have the same strength on a side, their owner chooses which one to double.

  • Fanatic: If destroyed by a card effect and there is only one lane left, the effect cannot trigger (so the card is simply destroyed).

  • Fortune Teller: If a player put coins on the upcoming card, the opponent can match (but not initially place coins on the upcoming card themselves).

  • Monk: First you flip a card (and resolve any follow-up effects), then the opponent. If only one player has cards in the lane, only the flip on their side happens.

  • Plague Doctor: If it triggers last during a scoring phase, any previous strength changes to face-down cards are negated. They then simply have 3 strength.

  • Sellsword: Coins paid for the scoring effect are put back into the coin supply.

  • Siren: The opponent chooses which cards to move. If the opponent has only one card in another lane, they must move this card.

  • Slinger: Flips all the strongest cards on both sides separately (i.e. potentially multiple cards on a side). Can flip self if there is no stronger card on its side.

  • Summoner: The card put into play face-down does not trigger its effect.

  • Thief: If the opponent does not have a coin, the effect does not trigger.

  • Undead: If destroyed by a card effect and there is only one lane left, the effect cannot trigger (so the card is simply destroyed).

What if the deck runs out of cards

If the deck ever runs out of cards, re-shuffle all destroyed cards to build a new deck.

What if the coin supply is empty

Whenever a player would gain more coins than there are coins left in the supply (via Income or card effects), that player gains as many coins as possible and then does not gain any more coins.

Optional: Coin Handicap

If one of the two players is more experienced, gaps in skill can be countered by increasing the starting coins of the less experienced player. Try a bonus of one additional starting coin and increase it from there if necessary.

Optional: Special Castle Cards

To add variety to the playing experience, you can optionally replace one or multiple regular castle cards with Special Castles at the beginning of the game. Those castles come with instructions at the bottom that modify how the lane behaves given a specific event or add an extra rule to the game.

  • Special Castle effects are considered active as long as the lane is in play (i.e. has not been scored yet).

  • Score effects on Special Castles apply before Score effects on character cards.

  • Special Castle effects that trigger an effect after deploying a card, apply after the deployed card's Deployment effect has been fully resolved.

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