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If you want to play alone, use the two-player rules with the following changes:

Additions To The Game Preparation

Turn the Game Board to the side for 1-3 players.

Set the Gardener die to the number "2" and place it on the starting space for 1-2 players.

For the whole game, you only need three Flowerbeds: you receive two Flowerbeds for yourself, one with the light side and one with the dark side up. Place the third in the middle with the light side showing.

You may choose which Flowerbeds you will play with, or you may draw them randomly.

You do not need any point tokens (beehives).

Additions To Gameplay

The game consists of 32 turns plus the final round: you move the Gardener four times around the board and move it two arrow spaces each turn. (THAT way, you always use only the first and third row of a each side. The second and fourth rows are blocked).

The Goal Of The Solo Game

The aim of the solo game is to score as many points as possible.

A result of more than 70 points can be considered very good result. 80 points would be outstanding.

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