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After the Catanians defeat the pirates for good, a period of prosperity and peace begins on the islands of Catan.

So the tribes decide to embellish the northern archipelago.

Discovered last, it is graced with magnificent buildings in praise of Catan. Soon, this turns into a competition. Who will be the first in completing a Wonder of Catan?

Game Components

Harbors: You need 9 harbor tokens:

5 special 2:1 (one for each resource) and 4 generic 3:1.

Terrain & Tokens: You need:

Terrain HexesNumber Tokens
Gold field24s3

Additional Components: 5 wonder cards, 10 Catan chits


The required game components are listed above. Set up the game map as shown in the scenario diagram, and finally place the harbor tokens (from the stack that has been shuffled with reverse sides up).

Copy or cut out the 5 wonder cards shown to the right.

Additional Rules

Set-up Phase

You build your first two settlements with roads/ships on the main island, as described in basic Catan. However, no settlements may be placed on the small islands, nor on the intersections marked with colored squares (brown and purple), nor on the intersections with red exclamation points.

Remember: If you build a settlement on the coast, you may place a ship (instead of a road) next to the settlement. You can then go immediately out to sea.

Each player receives 1 Catan chit.

Place the wonder cards next to the game board.

Special Victory Points

If you build a settlement on one of the smaller islands, then you receive a special victory point! Take a Catan chit and place it under the settlement when you build it. It does not matter if other players have already built settlements on that island.

Building the Wonders of Catan

Whoever is the first to start building a wonder can freely choose between the 5 available. The other players must make do with the wonders that are left. You may only build 1 wonder.

You can start building a Wonder of Catan only if you already met its requirements as specified on the corresponding wonder Card. For example, you can start building the Monument only if you have a city at a harbor and have built a trade route with at least 5 consecutive, unbranched roads or ships.

If you meet the requirements for a wonder, you can start building the wonder on your turn by placing one of your ships on the corresponding wonder card (preferably below the resource costs). But then you have to actually build this wonder. Once you start building your wonder, no other player may start building the same wonder.

Each wonder is subdivided into four levels. Each level costs the 5 resources indicated on the corresponding wonder card.

Once you have handed over the resources for the first level of your Wonder of Catan, you place a Catan chit on the "1" field of the wonder card. When you have finished the second level, you move the chit to field "2", and so on.

If you have enough resources, you can build several levels for your Wonder of Catan during the same turn.

Pirate & Robber

The robber starts on one of the 3 deserts. The pirate is not used in this scenario.

End of the Game

You win if...

  • You finish building your Wonder of Catan (4th level)
  • OR If you have 10 victory points and have completed a higher level of your wonder than any other player.

Variable Set-up

Within the given frame, the terrain hexes and number tokens of the main island can be rearranged and combined freely.

However, the two terrain hexes adjacent to the deserts shouldn't receive favorable numbers (neither 6 nor 8).

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