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Have a desire for new adventures? No problem! Just go ahead and play-leave it to chance! Build your own scenario! Our following brief instruction will do. Or do you prefer a methodical approach? Then go and develop your own scenarios, and take friends or family along for new adventures in Catan!

Game Components

Harbors: You need 9 harbor tokens:

5 special 2:1 (one for each resource) and 4 generic 3:1.

Terrain & Tokens: You need:

Terrain HexesNumber Tokens
Gold field04s3

Additional Components: 16 Catan chits


Assemble the frame as shown in the scenario diagram. Take all of the hexes listed above and shuffle them together face down. Randomly place these hexes face up in the frame.

After placing all the hexes in the frame, you need to shuffle all of the number tokens listed above and randomly place one token on each land hex. Do not place number tokens on the sea hexes.

Important: The red number tokens (6 and 8) may not be placed on adjacent hexes! If you draw two red numbers together, then you must replace the second one with a random token drawn from the stack.

In the unlikely event that the last token drawn is a second red number, swap it with any legal token already on the board. All players must agree on which token to swap.

Shuffle and stack the harbor tokens with their reverse sides facing up. Starting with the oldest player and then everybody taking a turn, each player takes a harbor and places it on an edge between a sea hex and a land hex, or between a land hex and a frame piece. The harbor token should lie on the sea hex (or the frame piece), and both of the corners of the harbor token should touch the land hex.

Additional Rules

Set-up Phase

You may place your starting settlements (with roads/ships) on any islands you choose. You may place both settlements on the same island, or you may place them on two separate islands. Thus, at the beginning of the game a player has 1 or 2 "home islands". All other islands are "foreign islands" to him.

Remember: If you build a settlement on the coast, you may place a ship (instead of a road) next to the settlement. You can then go immediately out to sea.

Pirate & Robber

Play this scenario with both the robber and the pirate. Start the robber and the pirate on the frame as shown in the scenario diagram. Each will enter play when it is first moved.

Special Victory Points

If you build a settlement on a foreign island, you receive a special victory point! Take a Catan chit and place it under the settlement when you build it. Each player may earn only ONE special victory point in this scenario. It does not matter if other players have already built settlements on that island.

End of the Game

The game ends once a player has reached 12 victory points.

Variable Set-up

Changes can be made if the players are not happy with the set-up of the hexes (e.g., too many small islands or a main island that is too big). All players should agree to any changes.

Of course it is also possible to purposefully build scenarios of one's own and try them. Everyone is free to use the rules contained in this booklet at will or to set them aside.

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