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In this expansion, More Cash'n More Guns, the trap is closing and the tension is ratcheted up a notch with new Loot share cards, Surprise cards, and 4 new guns!


  • foam guns
  • 1 Safe tile
  • 3 Power cards
  • 16 Surprisecards
  • 16 Loot Share cards
  • Instructions


Setup is identical to that of the base game. The changes are shown in bold.

Each player takes 1 gun, 5 Click cards, 3 Bang! Cards, and 1 Character which they stand in front of themselves. Shuffle all of the Loot cards (the new ones with the ones from the base game), and create 8 piles of 8 face-down cards.

Place the 16 remaining Loot cards face-down under the Safe tile. The Safe must have its "available" side facing up.

Put the New Godfather tile in the middle of the table, next to the Loot cards. Place the Wounds tokens nearby. Hand the Godfather's Desk to the oldest player, who places it in front of their Character.

Shuffle all of the Power cards (the new ones with the ones from the base game) face-down and deal two to each player. Each player chooses one, places it face-up in front of their Character, and discards the other back to the game box. Then each player explains their Power in turn.

Shuffle all of the Surprise cards face-down, and deal two to each player. Each player discards one and keeps the other secret.

Game Play

A game turn is played the same way as in the base game, with the following changes.

Beginning of Turn

Flip 8 Loot cards face-up, and make sure that the New Godfather and Safe tiles have their "available" sides up.

The Godfather and the Safe

Once per share, instead of taking a share of Loot, the Godfather can take the top two Loot cards from the Safe.

The player looks at them, keeps one for themself and gives the other to their right hand (the player to their right). They then flip the Safe tile over. The turn then continues normally.


  • Even if wounded or lying down, it's always the player to the right of the Godfather who gets this share.

  • If the player to the right of the Godfather is dead, it then skips to the next player to the right of the Godfather.

  • The Safe isn't considered to be a share of Loot.

  • The sharing immediately stops when the last share of Loot is taken (Loot cards and New Godfather tile). It can happen that the Godfather doesn't have the time to get into the Safe.

  • The Godfather of the current turn is the only player who can get into the Safe, and not the player who takes the New Godfather tile.

  • Following the use of the Combination Loot cards, it's possible that the Safe will be empty towards the end of the game.

  • If there's only one card left in the Safe, the Godfather can choose to keep it or give it to their right hand.

The Godfather and the Last Turn

Taking the New Godfather tile is now useful on the last turn, as the last Godfather of the game chooses whether or not the fake bills are counted or not in the players' final Loot.

Value of the New Loot Cards

The new Loot shares bring new ways to earn money!

General Notes: the "fakes" (bills, painting, and diamond) are considered to be normal shares of Loot. The Powers which have an effect on Loot shares also apply to "fakes".

  • Fake $10 000 and $20 000 bills: The value of the fake bills depends on the choice of the last Godfather of the game.

    Either they are not counted and are worth zero, or they are worth their face value. If they are counted, it applies to all players, and not only to the Godfather.

  • 2 Fake Diamonds: these diamonds have no value, but count as two diamond cards for the bonus at the end of the game.

  • Forged Painting: at the end of the game, the owner of the forged painting can spend $20000for this card to be counted as a painting. Otherwise, this card is discarded.

  • Key and Suitcase: At the end of the game, these two cards are each worth $25 000 if both of the players who own them are still alive.

    Note: If a player dies while they have the key, the suitcase is worth $0, and vice versa.

    Of course, if a single player owns both the key and the suitcase, the player counts both cards and thus gets $50 000!

  • Combination: when you take the combination, discard it, and then take a

    Loot share of your choice from the Safe. Be careful - don't change the order of the cards in the safe, and don't flip the Safe tile!


    • It's possible to use a combination card even if the Godfather has already used theirPowertogetintotheSafe.

    • As the godfather, if you get into the safe and take the combination, use it immediately. You then take the loot card of your choice from the safe.

The New Powers

The Big Gun

Take the Big Gun and return your basic gun to the box. When you play a Bang!, inflict 2 wounds to your opponent if they had no wounds at the beginning of the turn. Inflict only one wound if they were already wounded.

For example: Thomas has the Big Gun. Thomas and Max are aiming at Anton who has no wounds. In the Courage phase, Thomas, Max, and Anton shout "Banzai!" and don't lie their Characters down.

Each player reveals their Ammo card. Thomas has a Bang! Since Anton had no wounds at the beginning of the turn, Thomas' Big Gun thus deals 2 wounds to Anton. But Max also had a Bang! card. Anton takes a 3rd wound and is eliminated from the game.

The Brute

When you take a wound, your Character doesn't lie down! As such, you still take part in the loot sharing.

Note: if you willingly laid your Character down during the Courage phase, you do not take part in the Loot sharing.

The Twin Guns

Take the Twin Guns and return your basic gun to the box. You now have 2 guns, but alas, one of the two is a fake! On each turn, you can aim at 2 different players, but only the real gun deals damage.

Note: The real gun is the one whose grip is complete. You can change the hand holding your guns each turn so that your opponents don't know which one is fake.

Clarifications About the Powers From the Base Game

  • The Stealthy: When you lay down, immediately take a $10 000 bill (whether real of fake).

  • The Dictator: The fakes (bills, painting, diamond) are considered normal Loot shares. If the Dictator forbids a player from taking the Suitcase, it's not possible to take theKey,either.

  • The Junk Dealer: Cannot trade their share of Loot with the Loot in the Safe.

  • The Lucky man: If you have no wounds yet, the Big Gun cannot inflict any wounds on you.

  • The Greedy: If the Godfather has the Greedy Power, they can't get into the Safe twice in a singlet urn.

The Surprise Cards

The Surprise cards have an immediate effect: they can only be used once during the game and are then discarded! Unless otherwise specified, they can be played at any time.

  • Ambulance:

    You can remove one of your wounds. All the other players can, each in turn, offer you a share of their Loot, face-up, to get you to remove one of their own wounds. You're free to accept or refuse.

    Note: you can't play this card if you've just died.

  • Backstab:

    Even when lying down, you can still apply your Bang! card.

  • Coup D'etat:

    Before the Godfather uses their privilege (ordering another player to change targets), take the Godfather title.

  • Crazy Bullet:

    When you inflict a wound with a Bang!, also inflict one on the next player to the left of your target who didn't lie down.

  • Fake Click:

    When you flip over your Ammo card, play your Click like a Bang!.

  • Give Me That!:

    When a player chooses a share of Loot, you can choose to take it instead of letting them keep it.

  • I'll Be Back!:

    At the beginning of a Loot share, stand your Character back up (whether wounded or just lying down) to take part in the sharing.

  • Imitator:

    When a player is eliminated from the game, take their Power card.

  • Magic Bullet:

    When you inflict a wound with a Bang!, also inflict one on the next player to the right of your target who didn't lie down.

  • Manipulation:

    While sharing the Loot, decide the distribution of the Loot shares and give permission (or not) to the Godfather to get into the Safe.

    Note: if you let the Godfather into the Safe, they are free to choose the shares of Loot of their choice.

  • Recycler

    After a player has used their Surprise card, claim that card. You will be able to use it starting on the next turn.

  • Seduction:

    After the Godfather has used their privilege (to order another player to change targets), force all players who are aiming at you to aim at the player(s) of your choice.

  • Small Gun:

    At the beginning of a round, take the Small Gun in your other hand. You must then aim at two different players. Apply your Bang! card with both weapons.

    However, once the Small Gun inflicts an injury, it is returned to the box.

  • Smoke Grenade

    At any point of the game but before the beginning of the sharing, flip over and shuffle all of this turn's face-down Loot cards. The rest of the sharing happens normally.

  • Take That!:

    After wounds have been applied, lay down the Character of a player directly next to you without inflicting a wound on them: they will not be able to take part in this Loot share.

  • Untouchable's Creed:

    At the beginning of a round, discard a Click in order to not participate in the Hold-Up phase. You come back into the game at the beginning of the Loot sharing.

End of the Game

The end of the game plays out as in the Base game, except that the last Godfather chooses whether or not the fake bills are counted or not before the players reveal the number of diamonds they own.

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