In Candy Chaser, you are a candy smuggler. There are five types of candy, and you are the exclusive dealer of one of them. Raise prices on your smuggled candy, then eliminate the competition by tattling on them.


  • Gameboard
  • 5 Candy cubes
  • 5 Objective cards
  • 20 Tattletale cards (4 sets of 5 cards)
  • 1 die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To win, have the highest price on your candy at the end of the game. Be subtle! If the other players know which candy you're dealing, they will tattle on you and knock you out of the game. Of course, you want to do the same to them.


1 Place the gameboard in the middle of the table.

2 Place the 5 Candy cube in their starting positions on the board, in the 0 boxes on the appropriate colors (see the example below).

3 Shuffle the Objective cards and deal one to each player, face-down. Put the remaining Objective cards back in the box, without looking at them. They will not be used during the game.

Look at your Objective card secretly. This card represents the candy that you want to showcase.

4 Give each player a set of Tattletale cards (each set has a unique back). Put unused sets back in the box.

5 Place the die next to the gameboard.

Game Play

Candy Chaser has two phases.

A. Marketing Phase

Choose the first player randomly. The game then continues clockwise.

On your turn, you must:

  1. Roll the Die.

    A blue face means "plus". A red face means "minus". The results can range from -2 to +3.

  2. Move a Candy Cube.

    Choose any Candy cube and move it the exact number of spaces shown on the die (no more, no less). You can move any cube, whether it is on your Objective card or not.

  1. You can only move one cube. You can't split the result between two cubes.

  2. You must move the cube the exact number of spaces that you rolled-unless that would send it off the board. For example, if the die result is 3, you cannot move the cube only 1 or 2 spaces.

  3. If the move would send a cube off the board, it must stop at the last possible space. All additional movement is lost.

  4. If you roll a negative result, you can choose to move a cube that is on the -2 space. It won't move at all.

  5. In the same way, if you roll a positive result, you can choose to move a cube that is already on the 5 space. The cube doesn't move (except for special circumstances, described below).

End of the Marketing Phase

To move a cube onto the G (goal) space, at least 1 other cube must have a value of 3 or higher. This means there must be at least 2 cubes in the bordered zone before any can be moved into the G space.

When one cube reaches the G space on the gameboard, the game goes into the Tattletale phase.

Since 2 cubes are in the bordered zone, the active player may move a cube onto G with a +2 or +3.

B. Tattletale Phase

Starting with the player to the left of the player who reached the G space and going clockwise, players may try to tattle on one or more other players. The player who moved the cube onto the G space is the last to try to tattle.

You do not have to tattle. If you do, don't let anyone but the target of your tattling see your Tattletale card.

  1. If you want to tattle on someone, slide the Tattletale card that you think matches their Objective card face-down to them.

  2. That player looks at the card and tells everyone if you were right or not. If you were right, the player is eliminated from the game. If you were wrong, you are eliminated.

  3. If you are eliminated, do not announce which type of candy you were smuggling. You must also not announce what your wrong tattle was.

  4. If you guessed correctly, you can tattle on another player or stop.

  5. When everyone has had the chance to try to tattle, check to see who won the game.

The Tattletale phase lasts only one round.

Players eliminated from the game cannot tattle on other players.

End of the Game

Among all players still in the game, the player with the highest candy value wins. Of course, if all players but one were eliminated, the remaining player wins.

In the case of a tie, the highest position on the gameboard wins (in the following order: blue, purple, green, yellow, red).


When the game enters the Tattletale phase, the player with the most valuable candy is set to win. Try to figure out which players have higher-valued candy than you, and tattle on them.

If your candy is the most valuable, you don't need to tattle, but it might look suspicious if you don't!

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