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A young child is learning all the time, and all types of "play" are opportunities to learn. But first and foremost, your child wants to have fun-and that's why adults and children have been playing Boggle Jr. together for more than a decade.

Whatever the youngster's age or developmental level, Boggle Jr. will amuse and entertain because it is so flexible. The gameplay will adapt as the child grows, and continue to promote the basic letter and word skills that are essential when it's time to begin reading.


  • Boggle Jr. game tray
  • 30 picture/word cards with 60 3- and 4-letter words
  • 8 letter cubes
  • Instructions

The Cards

Each card has a 3-letter word on one side and a 4-letter word on the other.

Object for All Games

To match letters on the cubes with letters on picture/word cards and spell the 3- or 4-letter name of the object.

Players keep the cards when they answer correctly. Older players will cover the words so they must spell from memory.

Game Play

Very young players will enjoy playing with the letter cubes as toys and finding all the letters of the alphabet on them. Then they'll play with the cards, just to see the colorful pictures. Remember, all this play is a learning experience!

Because the Boggle Jr. game is "self-correcting"-the child can see the right answer and check the spelling-he/she can play these games alone or with a sibling or friend, as well as with you.

Variation for 2 players: Most of these games are easily adapted for two children. Have them take turns, card by card, and keep the card whenever they get an answer right.

Skills your Child Will Practice

  • Object and word recognition
  • Letter recognition and letter matching
  • Spelling
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Concentration and memory
  • Taking turns and sharing

Game #1 - Match it, Spell it

Simple letter matching


Stack the picture/word cards so the 3-letter words are all face up and turned in the same direction; place the stack in the tray above the cube slots, facing the child. (The Word Cover is flipped up, out of use).

Game Play

  • Point to the picture on the card and ask the child what it is-a pig, a jar, a pie, the sun, etc.

  • Point to the word below the picture, say the word, then spell the word out loud, letter by letter: "It's a dog... D-O-G".

  • Go back to the first letter, and have the child find that letter on one of the cubes and place the cube into the first slot in the tray, directly under the letter as it appears on the card.

  • Proceed through the other two letters until the 3-letter word is spelled out in cubes under the card.

  • Reinforce what the child has just accomplished by saying the word and spelling it together. Give the child the top card and proceed through the rest of the remaining 3-letter words in the same manner.

  • Next, play with the 4-letter word cards. Then shuffle the cards and play with 3- and 4-letter words mixed.

Game #2 - Cover it

Finding letters and spelling from memory


Play with all 3-letter, all 4- letter, or a mix of 3- and 4-letter words. Cover the top word by flipping the Word Cover over it.


Game Play

The child glances at the word under the cover, then hides it again. Now he/she is no longer matching letters with letters but is actually spelling the whole word from memory.

To make the challenge greater, flip the cover to hide the word portion of the top card in the stack, then slip out the top card.

This way, the child must identify the picture on the new card, then spell it from memory. Slip the card out from under the cover, give it to the child, and continue.

For 2 Players

  • The children take turns. Each time a child successfully spells a word from memory-by lifting the cover to check for the correct spelling - he or she "wins" that card and continues to the next.

  • If a child spells a word incorrectly, that card is placed at the bottom of the pile of cards, and that child's turn ends. When that card comes up again, the player whose turn it is attempts to spell the word.

  • The children alternate turns until all the cards have been used. Whoever has won more cards during the round wins.

A Final Boggle Jr. Word...

As you can see, there are many ways to play with the Boggle Jr. game. While we've given you basic gameplay and variations, we suggest you let your child play however he or she wishes.

Remember, play is a learning experience, and this game lets your child realize the most important thing of all: Learning is FUN!

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