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Adventurer Powers

Each adventurer has a power they can use during the game. Some may require additional clarification.

  • Bardic Inspiration (Miska Silversong)

    The only reason the Bardic Inspiration token is returned to Miska is if it is used, or the inspired adventurer dies.

  • Reckless Attack (Torskar Stonecleaver)

    You must choose to add the dice before you roll.

  • Wild Shape (Gretchen Titchwillow)

    The effects of your Wild Shape persist for the remainder of the game.

Card Clarifications

Some cards have special clarifications:

Berserker Axe: If a haunt or card rule would keep you from attacking the opponents on your tile, you may move freely.

Deck of Many Things: For each monster token on the card, subtract 1 from the result of the 4-dice roll.

Explosive Runes: If you rolled a 5+, the card is treated like a weapon item card and can be dropped, traded or stolen. You can't use another weapon while you're using the Explosive Runes. Eye of Vecna: The Eye of Vecna affects movement. It cannot affect card or power effects that place you onto a tile, such as a haunt effect, or the Helm of Teleportation.

Holy Symbol: If you inflict only 1 point of damage with an attack and choose to inflict another point of damage with the Holy Symbol, you can't choose to steal an item instead.

Iron Flask of Tuerny: If using the flask completes both victory objectives (for example killing the last hero and the traitor simultaneously), then it is the demon who won the haunt.

Read the following aloud: "Foolish mortals. Playing with things more powerful than they understand". The demon's laughter is lost in the rush of air as it leaves the Material Plane and returns to the Abyss.

Special Tiles

Some tiles have rules printed on them that summarize their effects. A few of those tiles have additional rules or further explanations described in this section. Those tiles have an asterisk (*) printed beside the tile's name.

Ambush Alley

On the turn you discover the tile, you draw an event card because of the event symbol on the tile. Then, if the event card didn't move you, since you are ending your turn on the tile, you must draw another event card. On future turns, anyone that ends their movement on Ambush Alley must draw another event card.

Assassin's Run, Flooded Chamber

These are barrier tiles. A barrier tile has two parts and can stop you from moving to the other side of the tile. Crossing a barrier requires a trait roll printed on the tile. You may attempt this roll once during your turn.

Crossing the barrier doesn't count as moving a space. If you fail the roll, your movement ends. On your next turn, you may attempt another roll to cross, or you can go back the way you came.

Adventurers can't fight or interact in any way with an adventurer on the other side of the barrier. Monsters always ignore barriers, but if a monster ends its movement on a barrier tile, the traitor must decide which side of the barrier it's on.

If a tile or card causes you to land on a barrier tile, you decide which side of the tile you end up on. If the arrival requires placing a square token on the new tile, then that token is permanently on the side of the tile you chose.

Catacomb Landing/kitchen Basement

The Catacomb Landing and Kitchen Basement are on the same tile, but they count as two separate tiles. Moving from one tile to a connected tile counts as 1 space of movement as normal.

Elfsong Tavern/inner Chamber/ Kitchen

The Elfsong Tavern, Inner Chamber, and Kitchen are all on the same tile, but they count as three separate tiles. Moving from one tile to a connected tile counts as 1 space of movement as normal.

Forgotten Cache

If you are on this tile, once during each of your turns you may attempt this trait roll until you are successful, but each player can draw an item card from this tile's effect only once per game.

House of Blood

If this tile lowers your Speed as you exit it, and your new Speed would mean you don't have enough movement left to leave, you still make it out. You stop moving on the tile connected to the House of Blood instead.

Kitchen/kitchen Basement

The Kitchen and the Kitchen Basement have stairs that connect them. Moving between them costs 2 spaces of movement instead of the normal 1.

Trading Post

You cannot discard an omen card when using this tile, only an item card.

Weapon Shop/weapon Shop Basement

The Weapon Shop and the Weapon Shop Basement have stairs that connect them. You must have both tiles on the board to use the stairs. After that, moving between them costs 2 spaces of movement instead of the normal 1.

What if there isn't a rule for that?

Many hours went into playtesting this game, but it's still possible you'll run into situations where the game rules or haunt books don't clearly answer a question about game play, or you have a choice to make.

Don't let that slow you down. In many cases, come to an agreement as a group for what makes the most sense and go with it. (If that doesn't work, flip a coin to decide). Then continue your experience in Baldur's Gate.

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