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Rating: 5.9 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-8 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Official Site: Main game website

Created by: Rena Nathanson, Abe Nathanson, Sandy Nathanson, Aaron Nathanson

Published by: Bananagrams, KOSMOS, Vennerød Forlag AS

Alternate Names: Jumbo Bananagrams


A Scrabble-like game without the board -- much like Pick Two!, but without the letter values.

Using a selection of 144 plastic letter tiles in the English edition, each player works independently to create their own 'crossword'.

When a player uses up all their letters, all players take a new tile from the pool. When all the tiles are gone, the first player to use up all the tiles in their hand wins.

There are also variants included in the rules, and the game is suitable for solo play.

Retail Price:$15
Guldbrikken Best Family Game Nominee 2012
Årets Spill Best Party Game Nominee 2010

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BANANAGRAMS is a labor of love, grown out of a passion for wit, wordplay and silliness... We hope you enjoy playing it as much as our family enjoyed creating it


  • 144 tiles
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions


Place all 144 tiles face down in the center of the table. These tiles are called the BUNCH.

Everyone then takes tiles from the bunch and puts them in front of them, face-down. The number of tiles you take depends on the number of people playing: …

As our family celebrates ten years of BANANAGRAMS, we invite you to join the fun... Enjoy the chaos in this, the sneakiest, cheekiest BANANAGRAMS ever!


  • 144 tiles
  • 14 party tiles
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to use all your letters.


There are 14 party tiles with icons. Put them to one side for now (we'll look at them shortly). Meanwhile, place all 144 letter tiles face down in the middle of the table. These form the BUNCH.

Each player now takes their starting tiles from the BUNCH. …


  • 288 tiles
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions


Place all 288 tiles face down in the center of the table. These tiles are referred to as the BUNCH. For games of 2-4 people, each player takes 21 tiles from the BUNCH; 5-6 players, 15 tiles; 7 or more players, 11 tiles. Keep your tiles face down.

Now The Game Begins.

Game Play

Any one player calls out SPLIT! All I players turn their own tiles face up I and proceed to form their OWN connecting and intersecting word grid. Words may be horizontal or vertical, reading left to right to bottom. …

The addictive word game enjoyed by millions just got WILDER! Included are 6 WILDTILES, putting a spin on the original BANANAGRAMS game. Ready to go BANANAS?


  • 150 Tiles
  • 6 Wild Tiles
  • Portable Case
  • Instructions


  1. Place all 150 tiles face down (including the WILDTILES) in the center of the table. These tiles are the bunch.

  2. Each player takes the correct number of tiles from the bunch.

    • 2-4 players takes 21 tiles
    • 5-6 players takes 15 tiles
    • 7-8 players takes 11 tiles

Object of the Game

Be the first to use all of your letters in a word grid. …

Other ways of playing:

"Best Of"

A hand can take as little as 5 minutes, so players, if desired, could play for the "best of 5" or "best of 10".

Banana Smoothie

This is a less hectic version of Bananagrams. All tiles are placed face down on the table. The letters are divided equally among players, remaining face down.

Players then play a game of Bananagrams, but without "peeling" or "dumping". The first player to use all of his/her letters shouts "BANANAS!!" and is the winner of that hand. …

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