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Rating: 8.1 Very Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 60-5 minutes

Created by: Ivan Tuzovsky, Andrew Modestov, Irina Nordsol, Oleg Proshin, Artur Varenyev, Marat Zakirov

Published by: Cosmodrome Games


Aquatica is a deep, but easy to learn family engine builder about underwater kingdoms.

In the game you will become one of the mighty ocean kings, struggling to bring glory to his realm.

To win the game, you need to capture and buy locations, recruit new characters, and complete goals; each of these actions gives you victory points at the end of the game. To do so, you need to play cards from your hand (each with a unique set of actions) and combine them.

Don't think it's simple! With a good strategy during your turn, you can take up to ten actions in a row.

You will encounter plenty of mysterious ocean creatures and take them to your hand.

With their help you will explore the unknown locations and rise found resources from the ocean depths to your kingdom. Mechanically this is represented with the help of three-layered player board and the unique mechanism of card-rising.

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The deep waters of the Oceans are hiding many secrets and unknown forms of life. Among sharks, whales, corals and shrimps there lives an entire civilization of Sea-folk.

For centuries the Great Kingdoms of Aquatica have been building their world, raising their kids and managing to create and prosper. But now their resources are exhausted, and they are forced to explore the Ocean Depths in search of new resources.


  • Game board
  • 56 Location cards
  • 4 three-layered player boards
  • 8 King cards
  • 24 Starting Character cards
  • 16 Trained Mantas' miniatures
  • 6 double-sided Goal Tokens
  • 27 Ocean Character cards
  • 31 Wild Mantas' miniatures
  • Notepad
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Aquatica is a board game for 1 to 4 players. You will be playing as one of the Ocean Kings, struggling to find resources for your realm. Your goal is to have the most Prosperity points. …

These Goals are only used for the Advanced mode and they replace the standard Goals printed on the Game Board.

Have 5 fully risen Locations on your player board at the same time

Recruit a Character that costs 5 Coins.

Have 10 or more Character cards in his Discard pile

Have 5 or more Character cards that have the Conquer effect in your hand and/or in your Discard pile

Have 1 or more Location cards of every type in your Scoring Pile

Have 2 or more Location cards of every type on your player board and/or in your Scoring Pile …


  1. Remove the 2 sets of cards with the O and A symbols in the bottom right comer from the Ocean Character deck and return them to the box (you will be playing only with one remaining set of cards).

  2. Shuffle the King card deck, draw 3 cards, and choose 1 to use. Place the remaining King cards in the box.

    Follow the standard setup rules for the Ocean board (page 6). Then follow the player setup steps only for 1 player (yourself).

  3. Take a set of Trained Mantas and give them to your "virtual rival". You will be competing with the Ichthyanders - a nation that came to the Oceans from the mysterious lands above it. …

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