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Each territory grants its controlling player a bonus over some aspect of the game. A player controls a territory if they have more colonies on that territory than any other single player. The controlling player takes the territory counter.

Example: Red has two colonies on Lem Badlands and Green, Yellow, and Blue each have one colony on Lem Badlands. Red has the most colonies on the territory so Red controls Lem Badlands.

A territory is not controlled by any player if two or more players are tied for the most colonies on a territory. No player earns the bonus for such a territory. The counter for a territory that is not controlled remains on the territory.

Example: Red and Yellow each have two colonies on Lem Badlands and Green and Blue each have one colony on Lem Badlands. Red and Yellow are tied for the most colonies on the territory so it is not controlled by anyone and no one earns the territory's bonus.

Asimov Crater

Advance your colony one extra level each turn in which you dock more than one ship at the Colonist Hub.

Example: Docking two ships at the Colonist Hub would ordinarily advance your colony two levels. Since you control Asimov Crater, you advance your colony three levels. If you dock three ships at the Colonist Hub you would advance four levels.

Bradbury Plateau

Pay one less ore than usual when you use the Colony Constructor.

Example: You dock a set of three 5s at the Colony Constructor to build a colony. Ordinarily you would be required to pay three ore to activate the facility. However, since you control Bradbury Plateau, you pay only two ore.

Burroughs Desert

Purchase the Relic Ship for 1 fuel and 1 ore. Place the ship on the Maintenance Bay and gather it with the rest of your fleet on your next turn. Return the ship to Burroughs Desert immediately if you lose control of this territory. The Relic Ship behaves exactly as any other ship in your fleet except that it has no color and any time the ship would be returned to the ship stock it is returned to Burroughs Desert instead.

See Terraforming Station and the discard power of a Plasma Cannon card for details. The player controlling Burroughs Desert may repurchase the Relic Ship on their turn.

Example 1: You control Burroughs Desert with one colony and are using the Relic Ship. The next player builds a new colony and places it on Burroughs Desert. Now you both have one colony on Burroughs Desert so neither of you control the territory. You return the territory card and the Relic Ship to Burroughs Desert immediately.

Example 2: Your Relic Ship is docked at the Lunar Mine. Another player discards a Stasis Beam and places the Isolation Field on Burroughs Desert. You must return the Relic Ship to the territory immediately and may not repurchase it until the Isolation Field is moved off Burroughs Desert.

Example 3: Your Relic Ship has a 6 showing and you dock it at the Terraforming Station to build a colony. At the start of your next turn the Relic Ship returns to Burroughs Desert instead of the ship stock and you may repurchase it on that same turn.

Heinlein Plains

Your trading ratio is always 1 fuel for 1 ore when using the Orbital Market.

Example: You roll double 3s and dock them at the Orbital Market. Ordinarily any trades you make on this turn would be at a three fuel for one ore ratio. However, since you control Heinlein Plains you always trade at a one fuel for one ore ratio regardless of your docked ship values.

Herbert Valley

Pay 1 less fuel and ore than usual for each ship you build at the Shipyard.

Example: You dock a pair of ships at the Shipyard to build your 5th ship. Ordinarily you would also pay 2 fuel and 2 ore. However, since you control Herbert Valley you pay only 1 fuel and 1 ore. If it had been your 4th ship, the bonus from Herbert Valley would have allowed you to pay nothing at all.

Lem Badlands

Gain 1 additional fuel for each ship you dock at the Solar Converter.

Example: You dock a 3 and 4 at the Solar Converter and receive the usual 4 fuel. Because you control Lem Badlands, you gain two extra fuel.

Pohl Foothills

Pay one less fuel than normal for each alien tech card you use.

Example 1: You have a Booster Pod card which allows you to add 1 to the value of an unplaced ship at a cost of 1 fuel. Since you control Pohl Foothills, you pay nothing for this manipulation.

Example 2: You have a Plasma Cannon card which allows you to remove opponents' ships from an orbital facility at a cost of one fuel per ship. You choose to remove three ships from the Lunar Mine. Since you control Pohl Foothills you only pay 2 fuel for this action.

Van Vogt Mountains

The first ship you dock at the Lunar Mine each turn maybe any value.

Example: You rolled a 1, 2, 4, and 5 and the highest value ship at the Lunar Mine is currently a 5. Since you control Van Vogt Mountains, the first ship you dock at the Lunar Mine may be the 1, 2, or 4. If you want to receive a second ore you can also dock the 5 at the Lunar Mine.

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