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In this cooperative game, you and your team will try to escape from a dungeon. You will experience - and be part of - a story that plays out in three chapters. The game play for each chapter lasts approximately 90 minutes.

You can save the game at any time or at the end of a chapter. In this way, you can pause the game and continue playing during your next game night. You can also play the whole game in one session, of course.


  • 4 Character cards
  • 18 Room cards
  • 4 Character figures
  • 2 Plastic bags
  • 1 Adventure book
  • 12 Health cards
  • 2 Turn overview cards
  • 83 Adventure cards
  • 3 Mission cards
  • 5 Ending cards
  • Rulebook

Important: Do not look at any of the game materials before starting the game!

Do not flip through the adventu re book and do not look at the fronts of the adventure cards. Wait until the game tells you to do so.


Place the room cards, adventure cards, mission cards, and ending cards in face-down stacks on the table. Also place the adventure book on the table.

Make sure that you do not see any of the front sides yet!

Make sure the room cards and adventure cards are sorted according to their letters and numbers respectively.

Take room card A from the room card stack and place it face up in the middle of the table. Leave enough space around room card A for additional rooms!

Place the remaining room cards face down in a room card stack, ready for use. Place the 83 numbered adventure cards face down in a stack next to the room card stack.

Since both stacks have numbers or letters on their back sides, you can look for specific cards without accidentally encountering a spoiler of the story.

Game Setup for 2-4 players

Each player should now choose one of the game's characters and take the corresponding character card and its character figure in the matching color. Each player receives health cards, which the players place in front of themselves with the colored sides face up:

  • In a 4-player game, everyone receives 3 health cards.
  • In a 3-player game, everyone receives 4 health cards.
  • In a 2-player game, everyone receives 6 health cards.

Place the turn overview cards in the middle of the table, visible to all players. Return the cards and figures of any unused characters to the box.

Solo Game Setup

It is also possible to play the game alone. In this case, you need to play with two (or more) characters simultaneously. You can choose which two you want to play.

General Information

  • This is a cooperative game. Discuss with your team what you want to do, what objects you want to combine, and which locations you want to explore.

  • At the end of each chapter and at the end of the game, scoring takes place. However, the score you achieve does not affect the story.

  • Important! Keep a sheet of paper and a pen handy to take notes. For example: which locations you have not visited yet, where you need to tie up loose ends, where you want to go, and what you want to try; especially if you want to save the game and continue playing on another day.

  • You can find hints here if you are stuck. Look up the number of the adventure card or location. There is a solution for what you can do or what you need in order to advance the story. There is no penalty for using hints!

  • You can read the story aloud yourselves or you can have the story read to you by the free Kosmos Helper App.

  • If the text on a card or in the adventure book contradicts the rules, the text on the card or in the adventure book applies.

Game Play

The last person to have watched or read a fantasy novel, movie, or show begins. Each team member goes through the following adventure phases during his or her turn:

  1. Move character figure
  2. Take one action

Anytime: Exchange adventure cards. Then it is the next player's turn (clockwise order).

1. Move Character Figure

You may move your character figure to any location within an already face-up room. There is no limit to the extent of your movement. The only condition is that the room needs to have already been revealed so it is face up on the table.

New rooms can be revealed through instructions in the adventure book.

Do not place your character figures directly on top of the location numbers. Instead, place them right next to the location numbers.

The second room is blurred out here
so as to not be a spoiler for the game!

2. Take one Action

During you turn, perform one of the following actions:

  1. Explore a location number OR
  2. Combine two adventure cards with each other OR
  3. Combine an adventure card with a location.

A. Explore a Location Number

In every room there are several locations that you can explore. Every location is indicated by a three-digit number, which is called the location number.

If you want to explore the location next to your character figure, read aloud the entry in the adventure book found after the three-digit number for the location. You will receive additional information and learn more about the story or you will receive new adventure cards.

If you would rather have the text read to you, then select the game in the Kosmos Helper App and enter the three-digit number. The app will read the corresponding entry.

Note: You will have to revisit locations as you will receive new information and adventure cards later in the game.

Rules for Cards

Some entries will require you to draw adventure cards or discard them.

If you are told to ...

  • take one or more adventure cards from the adventure card stack, then take them and place them face up in front of you, unless they tell you differently. These cards are now part of your inventory.

  • put an adventure card back into the adventure card stack, then return it face down in the original position in the adventure card stack.

  • return one or more adventure cards to the box, then put the card(s) back in the box and they are completely removed from the game! It does not matter who is in possession of this card or where this card is located.

Note: During the game, you might be instructed to take a card from the adventure card stack that is already in your possession. This instruction is obviously inapplicable.

You might be instructed to put an adventure card back into the stack that has already been removed from the game. This instruction is also inapplicable.

Any card that has been removed from the game stays removed from the game. Follow all other instructions to the extent that they are possible.

B. Combine two adventure cards with each other

In some locations, you will receive adventure cards. You can (and must) combine these with other specific adventure cards or specific locations during the course of the game. Sometimes it will be obvious what goes together-and sometimes it will not.

If you want to combine two adventure cards with each other, it does not matter what location you are standing on.

C. Combine an adventure card with a location

If you want to combine an adventure card with a location, you have to be at that specific location.

About Combining

To combine one adventure card with another adventure card or location, you will need to combine their numbers. Take a look at the numbers: On the adventure cards, the two-digit number is shown in the top left corner.

Locations are marked with a three-digit location number. The smaller of the two numbers comes first, followed by the larger number. Combined, they yield a new four- or five-digit number (see example below).

Then, look up the entry for that combined number in the adventure book and read it aloud.

Example: You have found adventure cards 10 (can of cat food) and 15 (can opener). A cat is hiding under the bunk in location 601. To be able to feed the cat, you must first open the can.

Therefore, you combine card 10 with card 15 and look up entry 1015: "Great, you've managed to open the can. Return adventure cards 10 and 15 to the box and take adventure card 12".

Card 12 shows an open can of cat food.

In your next turn, you can then combine card 12 with the cat in location 601. Then you look up entry 12601 and read what it says there ...

Important: The game will tell you when you have to return adventure cards to the box. If it is not stated explicitly, keep your adventure cards!

If there is no entry for a combination, you cannot combine these adventure cards with each other or with this location. Try another combination instead.

Adventure cards can never be combined with character cards. Some adventure cards can be combined multiple times, even with different adventure cards and locations.

If there is no entry for a combination you have made, continue to the next phase. You will have to wait until your next turn to take another action.

Exchanging Cards

At any time during your turn, you may exchange as many cards as you want with one or more of your team members. (Imagine running to someone to pass items on).


In the beginning, every player has a certain number of health cards:

  • In a 4-player game, everyone receives 3 health cards.
  • In a 3-player game, everyone receives 4 health cards.
  • In a 2-player game, everyone receives 6 health cards.

During the game, it will occur that you lose health points. Every time you lose one health point, you turn one of your health cards over so the gray back side faces up.

If during the game you are supposed to lose one health and all of your cards are already turned to their gray back sides, then you must return one of your health cards to the box.

This card is lost for the rest of the game. However, you can never lose your last health card!

If you have only one health card left, and that card already has its gray side facing up, and you are supposed to lose one health point, then the player to your left loses one health point.

Imagine that character throwing himself or herself in front of your character to protect your character from the peril.

There are possibilities to heal during the game. When this happens, you may flip your health cards back to their colored sides. Health cards that have been returned to the box cannot be healed.

Saving the Game

In order to save the game, use your smartphone to take a picture of the current room setup and the adventure cards in your possession. Alternatively, you can use pen and paper, of course.

Remember to note everyone's current states of health and where your character figures are located! Also take notes on all open leads, such as cards you want to combine or locations you want to explore next.

This will help you to pick up the story where you left off. Then put all revealed rooms, your obtained adventure cards, and character cards in a plastic bag. Unrevealed room cards and adventure cards go into another plastic bag. All room cards and adventure cards that have already been removed from the game remain loose in the box.

When you want to continue the game, setup the room cards and adventure cards according to your pictures/notes and place the character figures in the correct locations.

End of the Game

The game takes place in three chapters. At the end of the third chapter, you will find out how the story ends.

Then determine your score. The overview on page 15 of this rulebook will tell you how well you have done. It's better to start the game right away and not take a look at the scoring overview.

In this game, the score is not as important as the gaming experience of exploring and influencing the story.

The Game Begins

Now you know everything you need to start the game. Place all your character figures on room card A and read entry 100 on page 5 of the adventure book.


Refer below to see how well you did!

  • 0-9 Points: Hmm, you're pretty lucky that you escaped with your life! But congratulations!

  • 10-19 Points: Your heroic acts will be remembered ... at least for the next few weeks. Well done!

  • 20-29 Points: Not bad! It is great how you braved the dangers and even managed to snatch some treasures. Very good!

  • 30-39 Points: Major respect for your performance. You have fought, dodged traps, solved riddles, and saved the kingdom. That's fantastic!

  • 40-49 Points: Amazing. You proved yourselves real heroes and left your dark past behind you. The whole kingdom is grateful. Excellent!

  • 50 or more Points: Outstanding! You are the true masters of adventure. Your deeds will never be forgotten, songs will be sung about you, statues will be erected, and many children will be named after you. Congratulations!

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