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Rating: 3.2 Bad
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 15-9 minutes

Created by: Kinetic, KniffDesign, Janosch, Joachim Krause, Ilse Ströbl-Wohlschläger

Published by: Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH

Alternate Names: ABC, ABC spel, ABC Spiel, Airplanes to Zebras, E niin kuin elefantti


E is for elephant. E wie Elefant is a game of playful learning letters! Monkey, giraffe, donkey? What sounds do you hear? Monkey starts with M. Find the correct letter for each image.

The animal pieces will only fit together with their corresponding letter. Cheeky designs and ideas for games, and makes learning letters fun!

PRIORITIES: language development, vocabulary and perception 1-4 players 5-7 years.

Four different game options that grow with your child:

  • Start with matching the pictures to the letters. The puzzle design of the cards means that only the correct picture will fit with any given letter.
  • Move on to swap cards as you deal the cards out equally and work to make pairs with the cards you've been dealt.
  • Move on to ask questions to earn your pairs
  • Finally try the partners version of the game. This is a more active version which has kids searching the room to find who has the picture that matches the letter they've been given.

What Do You Learn? Recognition and naming of people, animals and objects. Also great for listening to, differentiating between, and pronouncing various letter sounds.

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