• 220 Cards
  • True or False Die
  • Shaker
  • Token Bag Timer
  • 60 blue tokens (1 point each)
  • 40 red tokens (3 points each)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to score 21 token points by correctly betting when other players are telling the truth or pulling your leg and by fooling players with your own stories.


Choose a banker: The banker distributes 7 token points (4 blue tokens & 1 red token) to each player to start the game. Blue tokens are worth 1 point and red tokens are worth 3 points.

The banker will also distribute, collect, and exchange token points for the BANK during the game.

Or be your own banker: To have players be their own bankers, place all tokens into the box and have players deposit and collect tokens themselves.

Game Play

  1. Ask a Question

    Choose a player to pick the first card from the card box to start the game.

    He/she chooses one of the three questions from the card and asks it to the player to his/her right. That player becomes the STORYTELLER.

  2. Storyteller rolls die before answering

    Storyteller rolls the die in the shaker and is the only one who sees the result. If the die lands on "T", Storyteller tells a true story to answer the question.

    If it lands on "F", Storyteller makes up a false story. If it lands on star . Storyteller chooses to tell either a TRUE or a FALSE story.

  3. Players Bet with Tokens

    After Storyteller completes his/her story, players bet token points on how much they think the story is TRUE or FALSE. Players place their tokens on the "F" side if they think the story is False or the "T" side for True and can bet up to 3 token points (bet 1 point if you're not too sure, 2 or 3 if you're confident).

  4. Players win or lose tokens based on bets

    Storyteller reveals if he/she is telling the truth or pulling your leg. Players who bet correctly win what they bet from the Bank (ex: betting 2 token points wins 2 more token points).

    Players who bet incorrectly lose what they bet to the Bank. Bank also gives 1 token point to Storyteller for each player who bet incorrectly, up to a maximum of 3 token points per question.

  5. Storyteller asks the next question

    Storyteller chooses a question from the next question card and reads it to the player to his/her right who becomes the new Storyteller.

    The game continues counter-clockwise until a player scores 21 token points to win.

Playing Guide

The storyteller should attempt to fool other players so they bet incorrectly and lose tokens. Players can choose to cover their tokens to keep their bets secret until all bets are in.

  • Wild Cards

    A Wild Card has a green stripe with instructions that must be followed before a question is asked of the card. If a player chooses to pass on a question (See Passing on a Question), the Wild Card instructions must still be followed.

  • Create your Own Question Cards

    If you draw one of these cards, create your own intriguing question which cannot be answered by a simple "yes" or "no".

  • Playing with the Timer (Optional)

    To speed up the game, you can use the 1-minute timer to give each Storyteller 1 minute to begin his/her story OR 1 minute to tell his/her story. If Storyteller does not do so, he/she gives 1 token point to the Bank and is read a new question.

  • Playing in Teams (Optional)

    If playing in teams, each team begins with 7 token points and each member takes turns being Storyteller. All team members may contribute to the story, discuss whether another Storyteller is telling the TRUTH or PULLING YOUR LEG, and decide their final bet as a team.

  • Storytelling

    False stories may have some truthful details as long as the story's essence is not true. If a player is making up a false story, it does not count if the story is all true except for a few minor details. True stories need to be 100% true. If there is a disagreement, a majority vote decides.

  • Answering Stry Questions

    The storyteller may choose whether or not to answer questions from other players about his/her story.

  • Rolling a Star

    When a player rolls a star and chooses to tell a true or false story, the player may indicate which he/she will tell with a token hidden under his/her hand.

  • Passing on a Question

    The storyteller may choose to be asked a different question by giving 1 token point to the Bank. Before answering, Storyteller must roll the die again. If Storyteller has never experienced what is being asked (be honest!) he/she can ask for a new question without giving a token point to the bank.

  • Repeating

    A player may choose to repeat a question asked by a previous player.

  • Running out of Tokens

    If a player runs out of tokens, another player may give him/her up to 3 token points to continue the game. Otherwise, the game ends and the player with the highest number of points wins.

End of the Game

The first player to score 21 token points wins. If more than one player scores 21 token points at the same time, the player with the highest amount of token points wins. If players score exactly 21 points at the same time, the game ends in a winning tie.

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