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Rating: 5.5 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Created by: Thierry Denoual, Thierry Denoual

Published by: Blue Orange Games, Gigamic, HUCH! & friends

Alternate Names: Pocket YamSlam, Yamslam, le casino yams!


Yamslam is a fresh twist (with a BIG boost of fun) on popular dice games. With its interactive gameplay and attractive, self-contained design, this dice game offers so much more! No need for paper and pen-the scoring chips allow for non-stop action and easy point calculation.

Let the five dice roll you to a win with Yamslam! Calculated chances and strategic choices will place the odds in your favor. After each roll, choose the dice that will get you the best combination.

Let the five dice roll to achieve the best combination and win the corresponding chip.

Each combination is worth a different point value and has only 4 chips, so get the best ones before they run out. Race your friends to the special bonuses and keep the suspense rolling until the end with Yamslam.

Self contained, and made from recyclable tin, Yamslam is travel-friendly and highly durable for years of fun.

Retail Price:$19

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