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  • 1 Game Board with 9 squares
  • 3 0 Playing Pieces (marked 1,3, and 5)
  • 3 X Playing Pieces (marked 2,4, and 6)
  • Instructions Sheet

Object of the Game

The goal of X-ceter-0 is to get 3-in-a-row.

Unlike TIC- TAC-TOE - which often ends in a tie - the X's and 0's in X-ceter-0 are numbered, so play keeps going until someone breaks the tie!


To begin, simply place the board within reach of both players, and decide which player will be X's and who will be 0's. The 0's go first.

Note: It is recommended to switch who is Xand who is 0 after each game.

Game Play

Players alternate placing their pieces on the board in numerical order.

That is, The 0 marked 1 is placed on the board first, followed by the X marked 2, the 0 marked 3, and so on.

Should 3-in-a-row occur within the first 6 moves, that player is the winner.

Should the first 6 moves result in a stalemate, play continues in numbered sequence. The 0 marked 1 MOST be picked up and placed in any open space on the board.

Note: the piece being moved may NOT be simply picked up and placed back down in its original place.

The piece must be moved to an open space that is not the space it currently occupies.

The X marked 2, MUST then move, and the game continues in numerical order until a 3-in-a-row is achieved.

End of the Game

The winner is the first player to place his/her 3 pieces (X's or 0's) in a row.

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