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Rating: 3.7 Passable
Players: 2-0 players
Playing time: 0-3 minutes

Created by:

Published by: Game Development Group, Inc.


If you love word games...get ready for WORDPLAY. It's fast-paced, challenging, and easy to learn - and everyone plays every round! The spinner determines the letters and category for each round.

For instance, the category might be "Food & Drink", and you may be looking for words that begin with a 'P' and contain an 'A' - 'Pizza' and 'Pasta' may come to mind, or maybe 'Pancakes' and 'Peaches'. What about "Places" that start with a 'B' and contain an 'N'? You may think of 'Boston' or 'Birmingham'.

If you can't think of any "Places" with those letters, you can still score points - just fewer - by coming up with words outside the category, like 'Banjo', 'Bargain', etc. You get the picture. There are different ways to score points, and the more points you score the more spaces you advance on the board.

Every round provides a whole new challenge, and there are countless possible combinations to wrap your mind around. WORDPLAY is addictive fun that will make your head spin!

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